Image of Mike Hi everyone, I’m Mike and welcome to my project, Travel and Destinations.

I have been a frequent traveller since I was 16, and travel more and more as I get older. I therefore felt the need for creating a way to share tips, advice and information on the places I have visited along the way, as well as what I have learned about photography and social media; this paved the way for this website, Travel and Destinations.

My journey started through my Instagram social media channel (@mikecleggphoto) which I have been on for a couple of years, but only started taking it serious in 2015. Through Instagram I have connected in person with people from Austria, Amsterdam, Bratislava, London, Toronto, Ljubljana, but also indirectly with people from all around the world. Because of the multinational member base of Instagram, I find it a fantastic network for interacting with different people from all around the world, as well as being inspired with destinations to visit, and photography techniques and trends.

Through this website I will share places to visit through the Destinations section, tips and advice through the Travel Advice section, information related to travel photography and social media through the Photography section, and lots of other posts and stories that you may find interesting through the blog section. Please have a look around and I hope you find interesting things to read about.

Church of the Assumption on Bled Lake
Relaxing and enjoying the view at Bled Lake in Slovenia

More about Mike…

Where am I located?

I am originally from England and spent quite a few years living in London. After this I moved to Toronto Canada, where I lived for 15 months. During this time I went to some surrounding places in Canada such as Niagara Falls, Ottawa and Montreal, as well as further afield to Cape Breton in the East Coast. During this stage I was going through a career transition, so I was somewhat limited as to how much I could travel. I dream of visiting the west coast one day including the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Belvedere in Vienna, Austria
The Belvedere in Vienna

Favourite places I’ve been

Some of my favourite cities I’ve been include Prague which I just loved. I particularly liked wandering around this city, enjoying the fantastic architecture and old town, as well as enjoying the delicious cuisine.

Prague at Sunset
Views of Prague at Sunset

I was also a big fan of Ljubljana, which I thought was romantic and very beautiful. In this city I really liked the atmosphere and how it made me feel.

Ljubljana in Slovenia
Beautiful architecture in Ljubljana

For an incredible cultural experience I enjoyed visiting various places in India. During this trip me and my travel friend got to go to a religious festival with the locals, sleep on a houseboat, visit many fortresses and other impressive buildings, and see one of the new wonders of the world, The Taj Mahal.

Me in India with locals
Me in India with locals

One of the most beautiful places I have been was South Thailand. I actually went here before I had a decent camera and knowledge on how to use it. It’s one place I am keen to revisit, so that I can take pictures to share with my followers on social media and also write about.

Me in Thailand
Swimming with fish in Thailand

What’s on my bucket list?

The list of places I want to visit is quite long, but here are some of the places on my list…

  • Asia – Various places including Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Bali.
  • Australia to see the Great Barrier Reef and many of the cities.
  • Canada – Visit the west coast to see the Rocky Mountains and stunning lakes.
  • Maldives for a touch of paradise.
  • USA – A road trip around the USA visiting various national parks and cities including San Francisco.
  • Lofoten Islands, Iceland, and various other destinations in northern Europe. I would love to see the northern lights from up there.
  • Galapagos, Machu Picchu and various other places in South America.


Where will I go next?

I often have at least one trip planned. You will find some of my most recent and upcoming trips on the side bar on the right. Whilst travelling I try and share pictures daily through Instagram, as well as Instagram Stories, then once I am back I try to write a post sharing more about the destination.

How do I travel?

Often when I travel I have a low budget, and therefore I need to research into the most affordable options. I will often get indirect flights, sleep on buses and trains, and stay in shared accommodation when necessary. Lately I have enjoyed some luck and stayed in a few beautiful luxury hotels, which of course was an incredible experience. You’ll find posts on those experiences here.

Sometimes after visiting friends and family in London, I will go to other places on the way back to Vienna. One of those trips being Dubrovnik, where I flew from London, and then visited Kotor, Mostar, Zagreb and Plitvice Lakes by bus on the way back to Vienna. I will soon be writing a post about how I did this trip.

How do I afford to travel?

I have a part time job in Austria which provides some consistent income, but I also earn money through licensing photographs, selling prints and a little bit through website advertising. I do have to save a lot to travel, which involves sacrificing luxuries like having a car, owning a house etc, but travel is what I enjoy most and something I am happy to sacrifice for. Being based in Vienna helps, and I can get to many surrounding cities using buses or trains. This also makes travelling extremely cheap.

What camera equipment do I use?

I use various cameras and other equipment on my trips. My main camera is a Canon 6D, but I also have a Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II, Go Pro Hero 4 and a Nexus 5X phone. On top of this I have various filters and other equipment. You’ll find a complete list here.


Here are a few stats about me:

  • Countries visited: 34
  • Countries lived in: UK, Canada, Austria
  • Favourite country: Italy
  • Favourite city in Europe: Prague
  • Favourite city in Asia: Hanoi
  • Favourite culture: Vietnamese
  • Favourite cuisine: Italian
  • Favourite ski resort: Val Thoreans (Three Valleys)
  • Favourite Beach: Maya Bay –  Thailand
  • Favourite natural wonder: Niagara Falls
  • Favourite city for architecture: Amsterdam
  • Favourite Airline: Emirates
  • What music do I listen to: Dance, Trance, Euphoric and Ambiance
  • One of the most beautiful hotels I’ve stayed in: Imperial Hotel Vienna
  • Worst experience: Bed bugs

Note: stats as of 20th April 2017


I hope this helps give you an insight into what Travel and Destinations is about, and I hope you enjoy the content that we offer. If you have some ideas on content you think we could provide that you’d find useful, please contact us here.

If you would like to work or collaborate with us, or see some of the brands we’ve worked with, then please click here.

We do accept guest contributions, and if you are interested please click here to see the kind of content and subject matter we want.

If there is anything else you’d like to know, please feel free to get in touch.

Happy travelling,

Mike 🙂

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hi mike i like also travelling but i am financially not OK, so how do you manage to go everywhere .


Hi Alim,

Thanks for your comment. I wrote a little about how I travel so much above… It’s in these sections: How do I travel? and How do I afford to travel?

Basically it’s mostly lots of saving and prioritising of my money as well as strategic planning when booking trips.

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