After seeing pictures of Belgium on Instagram, in particular Ghent, I felt inspired to visit. After a bit of research I discovered that train travel in Belgium using (the national train) was both cheap and fast, and this led to me booking three cities, Ghent, Bruges and Brussels over the space of four days.

Whilst planning I felt that I wanted to see Ghent and Bruges a bit more than Brussels, so I decided to see Brussels at the end of my trip, but if you were coming from the east or west of the country you could start at Brussels or Bruges, and then have Ghent as the middle city. For the purpose of this post I am going to tell you the route I took.

Also note before Belgium I was visiting Amsterdam, and bought a ticket to Ghent using FlixBus, which was only €12. You can use this bus service to get to both Brussels and Ghent from other countries including France and Germany.

Destination 1. Ghent

My first stop was to Ghent, where in the center you have lots of Medieval architecture and a beautiful waterside. A few popular things to see include Saint Nicholas’ Church, Belfry of Ghent, Gravensteen, the Graslei and korenlei, and Werregarenstraat (graffiti street). For those that like shopping and beautiful restaurants you won’t have trouble finding those in this area too.

Hostel recommendation: I got lucky and stayed at Hostel Uppelink which must have one of the best views of the city, as seen in the image below. It was also cheap and cozy.

Views towards Ghent Old Town
Views towards Ghent Old Town from Hostel Uppelink

Destination 2. Bruges

Next I went to Bruges which felt a lot more touristy, but was just as beautiful. The main square is called Markt, and around this area restaurants lines the streets, horse carriages go past and locals cycle by casually on their bikes.

One observation I got from this city was the number of huge towers. One of those being Belfry of Bruges and another at Church of Our Lady Bruges. These towers loom high over the city, and if you wanted some high perspectives you can also go up the Belfry of Bruges.

If you like to people watch and observe, a perfect spot would be directly opposite this tower at one of the restaurants on Markt, seen in the next picture below.

Another popular attraction in the city is to take a boat tour along the canals. To find the tours, head to where Kastanjeboomstraat and Groeninge street connect (Map coordinates 51.204291, 3.226250).

Travel between Ghent and Bruges

Cost: From €6.60 on a train.
Approx duration: 25-30 minutes.

Hostel recommendation: During my visit to Bruges I stayed at Snuffel Hostel, which was in a great location about 8-10 minutes walk from the Markt (Main Square). The hostel was very modern with excellent facilities, including a large bar/social area and digital lockers where you can leave your luggage on the last day.

Streets of Bruges
Streets of Bruges

Destination 3. Brussels

My final stop was in Brussels where I only had half a day. During my visit there was torrential rain but I managed to get a few watery shots from Grand Place and this high viewpoint looking down towards it. Apart from that I just enjoyed some local food and explored the shops. A good place to go for some boutique shopping is Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, and nearby around Rue des Bouchers street are lots of enticing restaurants.

Travel between Bruges and Brussels

Cost: From €14.30 on a train.
Duration:  Around 1 hour.

Accommodation: During my trip I stayed at Maxhotel which I wouldn’t recommend. To find a good place to stay in Brussels head to and then select a high rating on the left such as 8 or 9. A review of 7 can be OK, but I generally go as high as I can if I have the budget. Also note that a high rating doesn’t always mean it will be the most expensive.


Tip whilst in Belgium

Make sure you definitely try Belgium fries and Waffles, they are extremely tasty and you’d be missing out if you didn’t. Of course go to an authentic place if you do. And also don’t forget to treat yourself to some Belgium chocolate.

Belgium Chocolate
Belgium Chocolate shops

As mentioned at the start, a cheap way to travel between cities in Europe is by using FlixBus. I myself am a regular user of this bus company and find them cheap and reliable. The WiFi doesn’t always work but that’s my only major complaint. If you head to their site, sign up to their mailing list as they sometimes have awesome promotions to get buses for €9.99.

For more information on Belgium visit

Have you ever been to Belgium, been on a similar trip or have any questions or comments?

Belgium Multi City Trip : How to visit Ghent, Bruges and Brussels

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Nice post! You give everyone nice tips and recommandations about the destinations. Keep going 🙂


Thank you. I’ll do my best 🙂


The streets of Brudges are enough to make me book a ticket! I love the romantic charm they hold. I still have yet to stay in a hostel but when I visit Europe I feel like that will be the place to do so. 🙂


Definitely. I’ve always had a good experience with hostels in Europe and sometimes you get extra benefits like the view from the hostel in Ghent that I mentioned. Thanks for the comment.


Great post! Thanks for sharing all this great information about Belgium. Ghent looks absolutely gorgeous!


Thanks John. Ghent is amazing. Definitely one of my favourite cities.


A very lovely country! Thank you for posting this including the recommendations. I really want to visit Brussels because of their wonderful buildings and structures. Your photos are very encouraging!


Thank you. The architecture is really impressive. Especially at Grand Place and some of the passageways too.


I always forget how close things are in Europe – Belgium is no exception. This looks like a lovely itinerary. You’re photography is stunning!


Thanks for your kind comment. Much appreciated.


Looking forward to visiting here, so many great things to see. Love the itinerary in your post and seems very doable. Beer, chocolate and diamonds, what a girl couldn’t like here!


Totally. I hope you visit soon Lisa! 🙂


I visited Brugge a few years ago and to this day it’s probably the prettiest city I’ve ever visited! I really wish I’d taken more photos. Although I didn’t have so much time back then, I’d love to one day go back and see Ghent too! As for the food, I LOVED Belgian waffles but found the fries a bit underwhelming to be honest!


Oh the Belgium waffles are soo good eh? Especially with cream and fruit, yum.

Sorry you didn’t like the fries that much. I can imagine it depends on the place too. The place I went in Brussels was probably a specialist Belgian fries place hence why it was so good.


Last time I went to Belgium, I actually followed the same itinerary! My favourite city was Brugge for sure, such an incredible place and so well preserved!
I was very unlucky with the weather as I visited at the beginning of February, but I’m seriously considering booking weekend getaway to visit again after reading your post! 🙂


Haha nice. I’m glad you’ve done the dame. It’s so easy to get around in Belgium eh?

I had some bad weather in Brussels during my visit unfortunately but it was lovely in Ghent and Brugge.

I hope you get to visit again soon! 🙂


I think Ghent Old Town is absolutely beautiful! I haven’t been to Belgium yet, but your photos make me want to go now. I’ll definitely visit these cities if I go!


Thanks Lauren. I hope you like them if you visit. Ghent in particular is incredible.


I’m in Brussels now and visiting Ghent and Bruges next. It’s a shame they don’t do the flixbus from Brussels to Ghent and Bruges, I’m sure they have lots of customers if they did that route. Great pictures, I like the first image from Ghent, I’ll try take a replica tomorrow!

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