Interview – with Flight Attendant Nino Isaac

If you’re like me, you may have wondered what it’s like working in the flight service industry. In this post I have interviewed my friend Nino to ask him a bit more about his job working as a flight attendant. If you have any further questions that I have missed, maybe leave a comment and … Continue Reading

Top Tips from Awesome Travel Photographers

I asked a selection of awesome travel photographers who I know from Instagram to give some of their top tips for capturing amazing photographs. Keep reading below for their tips and to see some of their beautiful pictures. Click on their name to visit their Instagram account and see more of their work. The tips … Continue Reading

Interview – with Landscape and Hotel Photographer Zechian Kang

In this post I have interviewed landscape and professional hotel photographer Zechian Kang who tells us a little bit about his photography and what he does. I hope you enjoy! Please tell us a little bit about yourself I am a published landscape and hotel photographer, navigating my way around this increasingly competitive professional field. … Continue Reading

Interview – with World Traveller Dan from Danflyingsolo

I’ve recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dan from who tells us about his experiences as a traveller, blogger and photographer. Please could you introduce yourself and tell us about what you do? I’m a full time traveller who also works as a photographer and web-designer. Three years ago you would have found me … Continue Reading

Interview – with food and luxury travel blogger Angie Silver

This week we interviewed Angie Silver who runs food and luxury travel blog Angie has a fantastic writing style that really tells the readers exactly what they would want to know about a restaurant or destination. She also takes wonderful pictures capturing her experiences and the places she visits. Keep reading below to find out more … Continue Reading

Travel Interviews – with Sam about volunteering abroad

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to volunteer abroad? In this post we are interviewing Sam from travel blog about what it’s like to volunteer based on her experiences. Keep reading to learn more and hopefully get some tips and pointers to help you, should you consider volunteering. Please tell us a bit … Continue Reading

Interview – with creative photographer Rich McCor aka @paperboyo

Rich McCor also known as @paperboyo has a special skill, he creates art using his surroundings, a camera and paper cutout silhouettes. Some of the things he comes up with blows my mind such as the first image seen above. Keep reading to learn more about this fantastic artist. Please tell us a little bit about … Continue Reading

Interview – with landscape photographer Stacy William Head

In this post I am interviewing Stacy William Head from Canada, who is a fantastic landscape photographer I first met on Instagram. He posts beautiful landscape photographs such as the one above, and is someone I  find highly inspiring. Keep reading below to find out more about him and his journey as a photographer.   1. Please … Continue Reading