City Breaks: Bangkok in 48-72 Hours

The capital of Thailand Bangkok is a great place for a city break. It has everything, from culture, historic landmarks, nightlife, good food and so much more! Bangkok is the kind of destination you should visit for at least 48-72 hours, or longer if you have time. In this post I will share suggestions on … Continue Reading

City Breaks: Kuala Lumpur in 24-48 Hours

Kuala Lumpur is a large and well developed city in South East Asia and is the capital of Malaysia.  The city has a mix of cultures and religions with Malay, Chinese and Indian being the main. The design of the city is also mixed, with modern almost futuristic architecture such as the Petronas Towers, to historic temples, … Continue Reading

City Breaks: Hong Kong in 48-72 Hours

Hong Kong is a large and dense city in East Asia, which you’ll find on the Southeast coast of China. The region was previously a British Colony but became a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China in 1997.  It is an autonomous region meaning it runs externally from China, with it’s own … Continue Reading

City Breaks: Vienna in 24-48 Hours

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is a beautiful city to visit, full of charm, elegant rich architecture, traditional coffee shops, stunning palaces and other landmarks. Vienna is in a great location too, almost in the middle of Europe and has excellent land connections to neighbouring cities and countries, as well as air connections through Vienna … Continue Reading

City Breaks: Riga in 24-48 hours

Riga in Latvia is a great place to for a city break. With lots of history and things to do, great restaurants and a cute Old Town it is a perfect place to visit for 24-48 hours. During my visit I spent two nights in the city, so I am going to tell you things … Continue Reading

Top Tips if you are Visiting Vienna

I’ve lived in Vienna for over over a year now and here are my top tips if you are visiting the city. Where to stay Vienna is fairly contained so it doesn’t take too long to get between places, however here are some of the best districts to stay in along with some of the things … Continue Reading

Balkans Multi Destination Trip – Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina

If you are travelling to either Croatia, Montenegro or Bosnia and Herzegovina, then why not combine the trip and visit multiple destinations while you are there. It’s a lot easier and cheaper than you may think. During the summer of 2016 this is what I did and I’m going to tell you my route, give … Continue Reading

The Best Instagram and Photography Spots in Vienna

Want to know some of the best spots in Vienna for photography and Instagram? In this post I will tell you my top spots where you’ll be able to capture perfect pictures to share with your friends and followers. I’ll also provide various photography tips and recommendations for some of the spots. Some of the suggestions … Continue Reading

Cities in Europe that are perfect for a Romantic Getaway

Do you want to take your loved one somewhere special this Valentine Day, but are struggling to decide where to go? Keep reading for our suggestions on beautiful places that are perfect for that romantic getaway. As well as Valentines day these cities would be great for anniversaries, special birthdays and other short trips. So keep reading … Continue Reading

The Best Instagram and Photography Spots in London

London has so many amazing spots for Instagram and photography, and in this post I will tell you some of the best locations, as well as some tips and techniques. The majority of these locations are free to access and you’ll find a Google Maps link with each suggestion. You’ll also find a section towards the end, … Continue Reading