Best Instagram and Photography Spots in Toronto

Want to know some of the best spots in Toronto for Instagram and Photography? In this guide I will tell you the spots I discovered whilst living in the city. I lived in the city for 15 months, and as a photographer I spent much of my spare time exploring and searching for the best photo … Continue Reading

Top Tips from Awesome Travel Photographers

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Ultimate Tips for Travel Photography

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The Best Instagram and Photography Spots in Vienna

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Instagram – How to Build a Successful Feature Account

On Instagram there are special accounts called feature accounts, these are also known as hubs or groups. These accounts are designed to post other peoples content with proper credit. Building a successful feature account can be a challenge, but by following a few techniques and tips, which I will mention below, you should soon be able to … Continue Reading

The Best Instagram and Photography Spots in London

London has so many amazing spots for Instagram and photography, and in this post I will tell you some of the best locations, as well as some tips and techniques. The majority of these locations are free to access and you’ll find a Google Maps link with each suggestion. You’ll also find a section towards the end, … Continue Reading

Favourite Pictures from my Travels in 2016

I’ve had quite an awesome year of travel. A few places I visited included Berlin, Amsterdam and Ghent in the winter, various places in India and Slovenia in the spring, Paris, Dubrovnik and Kotor in the summer, followed by Krakow, Bratislava and Dresden at the end of the year. Keep scrolling below to see some of my … Continue Reading

Adobe Lightroom – The Best tool for Photo Processing

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an incredible tool for processing photos. It will save you tons of time on editing your shots, it helps organise your photos, and comes with lots of other awesome features. Here are some of the features that I use a lot. Library The Library module is where you can organise your photos. You … Continue Reading

Interview – with creative photographer Rich McCor aka @paperboyo

Rich McCor also known as @paperboyo has a special skill, he creates art using his surroundings, a camera and paper cutout silhouettes. Some of the things he comes up with blows my mind such as the first image seen above. Keep reading to learn more about this fantastic artist. Please tell us a little bit about … Continue Reading

5 Steps to make money from your travel photos

Have you ever taken a beautiful picture on holiday and thought “Wow, this looks like a postcard, somebody would love to buy this? Well selling your travel images isn’t as hard as you think. There are a large numbers of stock agencies/image libraries where you can sell your images for prints and products, or licence … Continue Reading