How to Quickly Enhance your Travel Photos in Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is one of the best photography tools out there. I use it to edit and organise almost all my travel photographs. One of the reasons this software is so amazing is because it’s incredibly easy to use, and allows you to make a bad photo look much better and in minimal time. In … Continue Reading

Photography Tips – Techniques for Capturing City Skylines

A city’s skyline can often be one of the first things people see before they travel to a destination, and can play a big part in a persons travel decisions. Skylines can often be majestic and beautiful, but taking pictures of them isn’t always that easy. In this post I will give you my top tips and techniques on the … Continue Reading

Top Tips from Awesome Travel Photographers

I asked a selection of awesome travel photographers who I know from Instagram to give some of their top tips for capturing amazing photographs. Keep reading below for their tips and to see some of their beautiful pictures. Click on their name to visit their Instagram account and see more of their work. The tips … Continue Reading

Ultimate Tips for Travel Photography

Would you like to improve your travel photography so that you come back from your holidays with more than just memories? In this detailed guide I will be providing my Ultimate Tips for Travel Photography, which will help you capture pictures from your trips that you’ll be proud to show your friends and family, print, … Continue Reading

Adobe Lightroom – The Best tool for Photo Processing

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an incredible tool for processing photos. It will save you tons of time on editing your shots, it helps organise your photos, and comes with lots of other awesome features. Here are some of the features that I use a lot. Library The Library module is where you can organise your photos. You … Continue Reading

My favourite settings for Travel Photography

Do you wonder what settings you should use for travel photography? In the past have you taken a lot of images which have come out blurry, too dark, or too bright? In this post I will tell you the settings I often use when I am out and about exploring. Using these settings provide me … Continue Reading

Photography Tips: Christmas Markets and Lights

Christmas Markets are ideal for photography. They come with amazing atmosphere, decorations and lights, and these make great picture opportunities. In cities the markets are often near landmarks, which is an extra bonus as capturing images with a market and a landmark can look fantastic. The best time to take Christmas pictures is often at night when all … Continue Reading

Photography Tips – Photographing Bands

Are you heading to a gig and want to take pictures of your favourite artists. This post will explain some of the techniques, settings and equipment you should consider using for great results. Equipment It’s a good idea to use the fastest lens you can, ie a lens that has the widest aperture such as f2.8. … Continue Reading

Backing up your Images

Tips on ways you can keep your photographs safe when on a trip.

Photography Tips – Taking Photographs with an ND Filter

By using an ND filter, you will be able to achieve much slower shutter speeds than might otherwise be possible. This allows you to add an extra creative element to taking days shots. Using an ND filter you could take shots such as below.. Smooth Water Long exposures of water during the day, making the … Continue Reading