Ultimate Guide to Planning a Multi Destination Trip

Image above: Screenshot from Google Maps The prospect of planning and booking a multi destination trip can be quite daunting. Such trips are often complicated, the planning takes a lot of time, and you have to get everything to align. In this guide I will give you my tips on what I do, when planning … Continue Reading

Balkans Multi Destination Trip – Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina

If you are travelling to either Croatia, Montenegro or Bosnia and Herzegovina, then why not combine the trip and visit multiple destinations while you are there. It’s a lot easier and cheaper than you may think. During the summer of 2016 this is what I did and I’m going to tell you my route, give … Continue Reading

Belgium Multi City Trip : How to visit Ghent, Bruges and Brussels

After seeing pictures of Belgium on Instagram, in particular Ghent, I felt inspired to visit. After a bit of research I discovered that train travel in Belgium using www.belgianrail.be (the national train) was both cheap and fast, and this led to me booking three cities, Ghent, Bruges and Brussels over the space of four days. Whilst planning … Continue Reading

Multi Country Trip – London, Paris, Amsterdam

In this three country trip we will be starting in London and ending in Amsterdam, visiting Paris in between. After each destination you will find information on public transport costs and the travel duration between each place. Often when I travel I often use FlixBus although there are other bus companies and trains services available. Destination 1. London, UK With … Continue Reading

Multi Country Trips – Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest

In Europe you’d be surprised at just how easy it is to see multiple countries and cities in a short period of time. And it can also be done at very low cost. Here is a four country trip including Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary. Of course you could always adjust your plans and skip some places, … Continue Reading