Would you like to be a guest writer and contribute an article and help provide useful information to fellow travellers? If so please get in touch. You can find some previous guest posts here.

The requirements of contributors is below…

  • Solid knowledge of subject matter, ie travel advice, specific destination, photography etc.
  • Good English writing skills with accurate grammar and spelling.
  • Evidence of your writing skills, ie an article or something similar.
  • Blog posts must be 1000+ words (our post average is 1110 words).
  • Links are ok but there should be no hidden links. All links should be clear as to what they link to.
  • High quality pictures that you are the owner of (Ie have the rights to use). If you have your pictures on Instagram you can embed them so they are a direct link to your profile. Alternatively contact us, maybe we have pictures in our library. If you don’t have any pictures please have a look for creative commons images. Please note if they are not high quality we can’t use them, as we want to keep the content on this site as high quality as possible. The pictures don’t have to be high resolution as we resize for performance, but should be well exposed, cropped, good colours and lighting etc. 

What you get in return…

Content wanted…

All content should be unique and not copied from another blog post or shared on other blog posts. Duplicate content isn’t good for SEO so the article would not get found or high rankings.

  • Destinations
    • Things to do/sightseeing, including the lesser known.
    • Best places to eat and drink.
    • Best places to stay.
  • Travel Tips
    • Tips and advice to help people with their travel.
    • Flights advice.
    • Accomodation booking advice.
  • Photography
    • Tutorials.
    • Advice and tips.
  • Social Media
    • Tips and advice on using social media.
  • Anything else Travel, Destination and Photography related. Please email me your ideas.

If this sounds good please get in touch using the contact link above or click here.

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