5 Reasons to Choose FastComet Hosting for WordPress Blogs

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We have been using FastComet to host this site for a while now and have been massively impressed. This site is built using the WordPress blogging software and we run our own installation. We currently have the FastCloud Extra package which is designed to deliver your content at amazing speeds. So if you are trying to find a good hosting provider for your blog, then keep reading. Here are some reasons why you should choose FastComet hosting for your WordPress website.

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1. Excellent performance and reliability

Prior to moving over to FastComet we were using Go Daddy and while with them our site was a nightmare. It was often going down, pages would be slow to load and our site was generally unreliable. It even went down when we was working with a client which was extremely embarrassing. But since moving over to our site performance has been fantastic. With pages loading very quickly and I’ve only ever had minor performance issues, which happens once in a blue moon.

They also provide:

  • Up to date PHP – At the time of writing they offer PHP8.1 which is currently the most up to date version, as well as earlier versions too (such as 7.4) if your requirements need something else. Having the most up to date version of PHP to run your WordPress blog is very important, as it’ll be more secure and faster. Having a secure and fast site is vital to getting good rankings and to improve the experience of visitors to your site.
  • Backups – They provide regular incremental backups to your site every 24 hours. We have had to recover a file from a backup a few times when we changed something technical and created issues. But by logging into the client area we managed to restore the file to an earlier date with minimal downtime.
  • cPanel – For those that want advanced control, configuration and stats for their website then they have cPanel built-in.

2. Amazing support and customer service

The customer service is simply amazing. Before choosing FastComet we had been in contact to enquire about their service and found the staff very professional, personable and confident in what they offer. They also weren’t pushy in their sales tactics which we liked.

After switching to them we have contacted customer support numerous times for help with optimisation, to enquire about SSL setup and various other things, and have always had a great experience. The support staff have quickly responded to emails and often provide solutions and resolved our questions/issues after the first contact. The emails they sent also seem personable rather than an automatic email, which we think is very important.

3. Easy to set up or transfer an existing site

One of our biggest concerns about switching from our previous service provider (GoDaddy) was whether or not we was going to have downtime, lose any pages, visitor comments etc. But in fact, we had no downtime and FastComet handled the entire transfer for us. If you switching to them they use a full website backup to transfer everything across. If you had some extra comments after the backup has been created then there’s a chance you’d lose some, but really transferring to a reliable and high performing hosting provider is probably more important.

As well as moving the actual website and content over to we also moved our domain name registration over to them. This was also very easy and took minimal effort and again no downtime.

4. Great integration options for WordPress

As well as helping me set up and migrate our website they also assisted with:

  • Speed configuration – The support staff told us how to integrate APC caching that works with a performance plugin called W3 Total cache. Using this plugin adds various speed and performance-boosting configurations to our site. Note that we have recently switched over to WP Rocket which takes minimal configuration and provides fantastic speed and caching results. We would highly recommend using them alongside FastComet and also Cloudflare (CDN). Read more why we recommend WP Rocket.
  • SSL integration – They also offer an easy way to set up SSL integration which literally took around 5 minutes. You use a WordPress plugin called Really Simple SSL and get a  free SSL certificate from You can read more about how the setup works in their blog post.

5. Fantastic price

Finally, the price you pay for FastComet hosting, for a fast and high-quality package is unbelievably good. We pay only $19.95 per month for the FastCloud Extra package, which we think is amazing for the quality of the service they offer. They also have lots of other pricing options available. Note that the prices below may have changed and also include a promotional discount that may have expired when/if you sign up).

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FastComet Plans and Deals (Screenshot - Nov 20)


As you have probably read we am a big fan of FastComet hosting. We therefore think they are definitely a good choice of web hosting providers, especially for WordPress bloggers.

Disclaimer: All information above is based on our experience using the FastCloud Extra package. We’ve only had a good experience with this package and can’t comment on the other products they offer that we haven’t used. Prices and service may change since the time of writing so please check their website for the most up to date products and offers.


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