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I purchased a MeFoto Roadtrip Tripod about two years ago now and I am very impressed. The tripod is a good size and folds up nicely meaning it’s easy to pack into my cabin luggage when travelling. It also feels strong and of a good quality.

By using this tripod I have been able to capture heaps of high quality and technical photographs from all around the world. You can see many of my shots on my portfolio, and I’ve also been able to sell a lot of these photographs to agencies, tourism boards, to brands, and also as prints.

When deciding which tripod to buy you’ll find that MeFoto have a couple of different options. Such as extending to different lengths and that can hold different max loads. I have put more details further below. As well as this you’ll find the tripods come in a nice range of colours.

As I have the MeFoto Roadtrip version I will talk about my experience with that, but I have put the specs for a few other options.

Disclaimer: Details may have changed since publishing. Please check full details and facts before purchasing.

Strength/Max Load

The tripod I have (Roadtrip) is strong and can easily handle an SLR with a medium-sized lens. I use it with my Canon 6D, fitted with a 24-105mm lens. With that combined weight (Approx 3.14lb) the pictures have been sharp. For smaller compact cameras, mirrorless or smaller lenses you would probably be fine with the smaller Backpacker Tripod.

Backpacker Tripod allows a max load of 8.8lb

Roadtrip Tripod allows a max load of 17.6lb

GlobeTrotter Tripod allow a max load of 26.4lb

Tripod Case/Bag

Amazingly the tripod even comes with a case. The case is well made and fits comfortably over your shoulder. This allows you to easily carry the tripod for long periods without discomfort. In the bag is also an Allen key and some different feet for the bottom such as for use in snow or muddy conditions. 


A cool feature although I never use it, is that you can remove one of the legs and the centre pole and camera bracket, and then convert the tripod into a monopod. This is often what sports photographers use (but a stronger tripod), and a monopod will allow you to have some support but move around a lot quicker than when you have three legs.


Overall this is an incredible tripod. I have been more than happy and would recommend it to anyone. I have used it on different terrain (grass, hills, rocks, sand etc) with perfect stability and the only time I haven’t got sharp shots is because my camera settings were wrong. I often use the tripod to get most of my night shots and also when taking long exposures during the day.

Any questions or thoughts, feel free to leave a comment.

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MeFoto Travel Tripod Kit, Titanium (A0350Q0T)
MeFoto A1350Q1B Roadtrip Travel Tripod Kit (Blue)
Mefoto A2350Q2T GlobeTrotter Travel Tripod Kit (Titanium)
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The above review is based on Mike Clegg (Travel and Destinations) personal opinion, often from using the product. Any specifications and prices are believed to be true, but should be double-checked when purchasing. Mike Clegg (Travel and Destinations) is not responsible for any damage to your equipment or yourself if you use the product mentioned. My review is designed to help you with your purchasing decisions, but any decisions are ultimately your own.

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