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Our authors have lived and travelled to places all over the world and this has allowed us to create articles that can help you with your travels. From places all over Africa, South, Central and North America, all across Europe, Asia and Oceania we have content that will help and inspire you with your travels. Click on the link to go to their bio, learn more about them and read articles that they have submitted.

Mike Clegg

Mike Clegg

Huub Lakerveld

Huub Lakerveld

Sophie Small

Sophie Small

Arunabha Chakraborty - Headshot

Arunabha C

Sophie Der Meulen

Sophie M

James Stuart

James Stewart

Roxana Bikfalvi headshot

Roxana Bikfalvi

Nicholas Hastie

Nicholas Hastie

Shelley Doherty headshot

Shelley Doherty

Katy Terroz

Katy Terroz

Tom Henty headshot

Tom Henty

Priscilla headshot


Kamran Ahmed headshot

Kamran Ahmed



blank profile headshot

Shalbha Sarda

MyBaggage small avatar

My Baggage

Rohit headshot

Rohit Agarwal

profile headshot

Faz Bux

Dayton Kingery headshot

Dayton Kingery

Hayley Duszynski headshot

Hayley Duszynski

Sidney Trompell headshot

Sidney Trompell

Holly and the Ivy

Hollie Jones

blank profile headshot

Slavko Desik

blank profile headshot

Roger Timbrook

blank profile headshot


blank profile headshot

Shane Dutka

blank profile headshot

Zac Green

blank profile headshot

Matthew Todd

blank profile headshot

Yogi and Suchna

blank profile headshot

Manmohan Singh

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