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Dayton Kingery

Dayton Kingery is the founder of BusyBodies365. He is an aviation enthusiast currently training to get his pilot’s license. When he isn’t flying a plane, Dayton enjoys being outdoors doing adventure activities like kiteboarding and skiing.

Dayton is an avid traveller. Dayton’s passport has been stamped in the Cayman Islands, Amsterdam, England, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Africa, and the Bahamas. During high school, and again after graduation, Dayton was part of a student mission to Tanzania with MainSprings, an NGO working to end the poverty cycle in rural areas.

The exploration of nature, exposure to new cultures and communities, and the immersion in local pastimes are what make vacationing so exciting for Dayton. He experiences the open air as therapeutic and healing.

  • Home country: Connecticut, United States
  • Favourite country: Grand Cayman
  • Favourite cuisine: Mexican and Chinese
  • Places on his wishlist: Indonesia, Croatia, and Australia




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