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James Stuart
Jim is a travel writer and global adventurer. He draws inspiration from his lifelong journeys around the world and loves to share his stories and travel tips with his readers. His is at home with a good Wilbur Smith book and can’t wait to share his next travel tale with you.

Education and Experience

Jim was born in Paris and grew up in exotic locales like Tehran and Bangkok. He graduated from Capella University with a Ph.D. in Education, but his passion for writing came after retiring from the U.S. Air Force and teaching African Studies for many years at a small private college in Pennsylvania. Jim and has lived and travelled all across the U.S., Japan, Korea, England and Africa. He is a seasoned travel writer and has contributed nearly 100 travel articles to online travel sites like Travel & Destinations, The Discoverer, ErikawithaK, Seeqr, and Travel Trivia.

  • Home country: United States
  • Favourite country: South Africa
  • Favourite cuisine: Sushi
  • Places on your wishlist: Ireland, Amalfi Coast, Germany, China

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