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Book your trip to Greece to enjoy the countries many stunning islands and beaches which are perfect for a summer holiday. As well as the islands Greece has great spots on its mainland too including Athens, Delphi and Meteora.

Pick your destination from the list below where you’ll be provided with booking options including hotels and tours. Currently, we’re only listing some popular places to visit, but use the blue button at the end to visit our recommended providers and Viator to find many more.

Please note that this section is in development so we’ll be adding more destinations over time.

Where are you visiting in Greece?

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Greece Accommodation

Find your perfect Greece accommodation using this interactive map. You can search for both hotels and apartments through and VRBO. Click the "More accommodation options" button to head over to to change or enhance your search.

Note: Please wait a moment for the map to load as well as the suggestions of places to stay. Sometimes you may also have to just move the map slightly or zoom into your desired location to see additional properties which are available.

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Tours and Activities for Greece

Here are activities that you may like for Greece. These are provided through our partner Viator. You can also head over to their site using the blue-button further down to narrow down your search and add more filters.

Greece Guided and Specialist Tours

For longer and more specialist tours and complete with multi-day itineraries, then consider checking out G Adventures which are highly regarded. With G Adventures you can find small group tours with local guides and the company is based around having a good impact on local communities.

Package Holidays

Here are some package holiday providers. They are mainly for those travelling from the UK.

Ground Transport

Below are services for finding transport. Head over to their site to start your search.

Our Articles on Greece

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5 Top Reasons to Book a Trip to Greece

Why should you book a trip and visit Greece? Here are some top reasons:

  • To discover some of the beautiful islands and summer holiday destinations that make up Greece.
  • For visiting historic sites and learning Greek history.
  • For the delicious and tasty cuisine such as Souvlaki, Gyros, Dolmades as well as tasty Greek salads.
  • To capture Instagram and postcard-worthy images.
  • For the partying and nightlife that you can find on some of the islands.

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