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Here you can start your search for tours and activities through our partner GetYourGuide who offer thousands of options for many destinations around the world. Depending on your destination you’ll find a range of options, from guided tours, entry tickets, active and adventurous activities and lots more. There is something for everyone.

You can use the search box below to start finding some perfect tours for you. Simply type in your destination or the tour or activity that you’re looking for and then click the button. Examples of what to write include destination names such as “London”, “Rome”, “New York”, or places of interest such as “Rome Colosseum”, “Eiffel Tower”, “Tokyo Skytree”, “Shard Tickets” etc. We hope that by using this page you find something awesome for your trip.

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Why book tours, tickets and activities for your travels?

By booking your tours, tickets and activities in advance you will:

  • You’ll be guaranteeing your spot and will avoid disappointment such as if there are no more places available last minute.
  • It’ll mean you have some really exciting activities to look forward to once you arrive (besides the general sightseeing and exploring).
  • You may find unique experiences that you may never have otherwise found.
  • Some tours and tickets come with free cancellation up to 24 hours before. This is helpful should your plans change.
  • You can sometimes save money on the normal entry price.
  • There might be other perks such as skip-the-line which can be very important for busy attractions where the queues can sometimes be hours long.

Is it worth booking tours, tickets and activities in advance?

We’d definitely say yes to this. We have travelled a lot ourselves and find that sometimes the queues can be crazy for popular attractions. Although it is sometimes nice to plan as you go, it’s also good to have a few of the top activities that you want to do already booked. This can help avoid any disappointment if something has sold out.

What should you look out for when booking tours, tickets and activities?

When booking your tours, tickets or activities in advance then here are some things to look out for:

  • Is there a cancellation policy where you can get your money back should your plans change.
  • What is the pickup or meeting spot for the tour or activity?
  • How long is the activity? This would be especially important if you have younger kids.
  • Are any meals or snacks included with the ticket?
  • Does the activity involve a lot of travel to/from an attraction? this can be the case for long day trips.
  • Are there any rules related to Covid that might be important to you?
  • Do you need to print your tickets, or can you show on your phone?
  • What language is the tour or activity in?

How do I find tours and activities for my travels?

You can start your search using our tool above which can help find great options for major destinations (and also lesser-known places) around the world. Here are a few other great places to search for tours and activities online:

More booking options

As well as tours and activities you may want to search and pre-book your accommodation for your destination.

Read our article Best Places to Find and Book Hotels and Other Travel Accommodation Online or you can also start your search on our hotels and accommodation page.

For other types of travel services such as package holidays, flight providers and more, then head to our page using the button below.