Czech Republic and the Last 100 Years

In 2018 the Czech Republic will be celebrating 100 years since the start of their independence and in this post I will be writing about some of the things that have happened in the last 100 years which are important to the Czechs. Brief History The Czech Republic used to be part of Czechoslovakia, which … Continue Reading

8 Top Instagram and Photography spots in Český Krumlov

One of Czech Republic’s many beautiful destinations includes Český Krumlov, which you’ll find towards the southwest of the country. I visited this city for a short break and discovered lots of awesome spots around the city for taking pictures. In this post I will tell you my best spots for Instagram and photography in the city. … Continue Reading

Hiking and Day Trips to Bohemian Switzerland, Czech Republic

Bohemian Switzerland is a beautiful destination in Czech Republic and to the north of the country. The region consists of mountains, hills, rock formations, gorges, and amazing foliage. Lots of people get confused thinking it’s in Switzerland, but it’s not. It has “Switzerland” in it’s name because in the past two famous Swiss painters Adrian … Continue Reading

12 Top Instagram and Photography Spots in Riga

Are you visiting Riga and want to know some great spots around the city for taking pictures? Here you’ll find my top 12 Instagram and Photography spots as well as the best time to take pictures, whether it’s a free spot or not, and the location on Google Maps. 1. St. Peter’s Church Starting with … Continue Reading

Summer Adventures at Zell am See-Kaprun in Austria

Zell am See and Kaprun are two alpine towns in the SalzburgLand state of Austria. They are in the Austrian Alps region of the country around 80km south of Salzburg. The entire area consists of the most beautiful scenery, with lakes, mountains, hills and glacier. As well as this, as you explore you will often … Continue Reading

The Best Instagram and Photography Spots in Prague

Prague is one of my favourite cities in Europe and one that is extremely photogenic. As well as this the city has lots of top viewpoints allowing you to capture the city from the best angles. As a photographer who has visited Prague many times, in this post I am sharing all the best spots around … Continue Reading

10 Top Instagram and Photography Spots in Tallinn

Tallinn is the kind of city that you could visit at any time throughout the year and is extremely beautiful and photogenic. If you are you visiting and want to know some of the best locations for Instagram and Photography then keep reading. In this post I will give you my top 10 suggestions on where … Continue Reading

15 Top Instagram and Photography Spots in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is one of the best cities to visit along the Dalmatian coast, attracting huge numbers of visitors every year to the city. It is also a city that is very photogenic and below you will find my 15 top locations around the city that are perfect for Instagram and Photography. Before I start I … Continue Reading

5 of the Best Music Festivals in Europe

Here Zac Green from popular music blog gives us a rundown of the best music festivals in Europe! Live music festivals are becoming a huge industry. At one time there were only a few local festivals, with a focus on food and drink with music along for the ride. Now we’ve got to the … Continue Reading

In Pictures – 30 Beautiful Destinations in Europe

Europe is full of beautiful destinations from cities with stunning architecture and landscapes that’ll take your breath away. In this picture based post I am going to show you 30 of the most beautiful places I’ve been in Europe, to hopefully give you some ideas for your trips. Most of these suggestions could be visited … Continue Reading