5 of the Best Music Festivals in Europe

Here Zac Green from popular music blog ZingInstruments.com gives us a rundown of the best music festivals in Europe! Live music festivals are becoming a huge industry. At one time there were only a few local festivals, with a focus on food and drink with music along for the ride. Now we’ve got to the … Continue Reading

Guide to Planning Your Family Vacation

Every vacation is a great opportunity to spend some time together with your family members, completely forget about your work obligations, and get a much-needed rest. Plus, you will have a chance to see and explore a new part of the world which is an adventure on its own. But planning your trip can be … Continue Reading

Top 5 Weird Places in India That Are a Must Visit

Image by Fulvio Spada – CC BY-SA 2.0 India has always been a place that has fascinated and enticed people. In the western media, it had been stereotyped as a land of snake charmers and full of weird places. While they got it very wrong on the first part (but we do have some snake charmers though), … Continue Reading

7 Reasons to Visit Zurich

Image by Lukas Schlagenhauf – CC BY-ND 2.0 Zurich is an upmarket banking city and the financial capital of Switzerland. It therefore comes as no surprise that it’s often labelled as the most expensive city in the world. Zurich is famous for luxurious lifestyles, high-end shopping, and fancy chocolates.  However, despite it’s expense and extravagance, it is also … Continue Reading

5 Rare and Uncommon Places to Visit in India

Most tourists have a habit of going through the descriptions of the common tourist places. As a result, they develop a keen interest on visiting the popular zones and thereby miss out on some of the unsung, yet spectacular parts of the world, that have been discovered but not commercialised. India too has got a vast … Continue Reading

8 Tips for Female Travellers going Solo

In this post we have Amy-Anne Williams writing for us and telling us her experiences along with 8 tips for female travellers going solo. Please enjoy! 8 Tips for Female Travellers going Solo As a female, I’ve grown up with the mindset that going out on my own is scary and unsafe in the places not too far … Continue Reading

6 Festivals Every Visitor Must Experience While in India

India is a country of vast cultures and religions, and if you’re visiting this vibrant country for some well-deserved fun and entertainment, you’re definitely in the right place. If you’ve visited India during any time of the year, you’ve certainly seen at least one minor or major festival, because they happen almost every month. In case … Continue Reading

New Zealand’s Most Scenic Drives

New Zealand is home to some of the world’s most beautiful views. While it is not the cheapest place to travel, the road trips are definitely budgetable. You cannot however, put a price on the experience, uplifting views and memories the picturesque and action-packed Island has to offer. The North and South Islands showcase incredible … Continue Reading

5 Beautiful Beaches in India

India is a country where a traveller can find bliss in each and every corner of the country. A beautiful amalgamation of snow clad mountains in the north to vast spaces of cool beaches in the southern regions, India has it all in store for you. Of all the tourist attractions, beaches are often considered … Continue Reading