Common Photography Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Whether you’re a new or experienced photographer you’ll probably find yourself making no end of silly mistakes, especially if you’re learning. In this post I will tell you some of the mistakes that you may make as a travel photographer and recommendations on how you can avoid them. Lens cap on Mistake: When travelling you … Continue Reading

Photography Tips and Techniques for Ski Resorts

Ski Resorts can be some of the most scenic destinations on the planet and often provide heaps of picture opportunities. In this post you’ll find my tips to help you capture the best photographs when visiting resorts, as well as skiers and snowboarders in action. Use colourful clothes for great contrast Colourful clothes such as … Continue Reading

Top Editing Tips from Awesome Instagram Photographers

As well as capturing pictures when you travel it’s also important that you edit your photographs using the best techniques. In this post you will find editing tips from a selection of awesome travel photographers on Instagram, where they provide pointers on how you can edit your photographs to get much better results. As well … Continue Reading

Travel Photography – Tips for Taking Pictures of Cities

When visiting a new city you will probably want to take lots of photographs, such as of landmarks, culture, food and other aspects of the city. It isn’t always easy to get those awesome shots. But by following the tips below you will have a better chance of getting lots of photographs that you will … Continue Reading

Composition Techniques For Better Travel Photographs

Composition is one of the most important elements to photography, and one that can mean the difference between an interesting and powerful image compared to a lifeless boring image. In this post I will be explaining various techniques that should help you with your travel photography and to take much better pictures. Use Reflections Using … Continue Reading

DSLR vs Compact Cameras for Travellers

Are you trying go decide which camera you want to buy? When buying a camera for travel photography you’ll likely come to the decision of whether to buy a Compact or a DSLR. In this post I will tell you some of the pros and cons about these types of cameras which should hopefully help … Continue Reading

5 Easy Tips To Improve Your Travel Photography

Do you want to improve your travel photography? In this post I will give you five easy tips that will help you improve your pictures. These tips aren’t complicated and can work for almost any camera. 1. Use Interesting Composition One of the most important and easiest ways to improve your travel photography is by … Continue Reading

How to Quickly Enhance your Travel Photos in Lightroom (with examples)

Adobe Lightroom is one of the best photography tools out there. I use it to edit and organise almost all my travel photographs. One of the reasons this software is so amazing is because it’s incredibly easy to use, and allows you to make a bad photo look much better and in minimal time. In … Continue Reading

Photography Tips – Techniques for Capturing City Skylines

A city’s skyline can often be one of the first things people see before they travel to a destination, and can play a big part in a persons travel decisions. Skylines can often be majestic and beautiful, but taking pictures of them isn’t always that easy. In this post I will give you my top tips and techniques on the … Continue Reading

Top Tips from Awesome Travel Photographers

I asked a selection of awesome travel photographers who I know from Instagram to give some of their top tips for capturing amazing photographs. Keep reading below for their tips and to see some of their beautiful pictures. Click on their name to visit their Instagram account and see more of their work. The tips … Continue Reading