10 Easy & Practical Tips on Taking a Road Trip as a Vegan

If you’ve taken many road trips, you know they aren’t typically known for their great food options. When driving through unfamiliar territory, often in sparsely populated areas without a lot of dining options, anyone can find themselves struggling to eat well, and being vegan makes it even more difficult. Instead of letting pit stops get … Continue Reading

Top Reasons to Meditate While Travelling

Meditation may be the key to unlocking maximum satisfaction from travelling. The practice is constantly growing in popularity and carries with it a vast collection of physical and mental health benefits. While travelling it may prove to be quite useful as the practice doesn’t take long to do, and the resulting health benefits can be worth the … Continue Reading

7 Top Tips to Promote Good Health When Travelling

Partnering a new adventure with a durable immune system and tranquil mind can make a trip all the more enjoyable. By promoting healthy habits throughout a holiday, the risk of falling victim to an illness can be lessened, leaving time aside to soak in new exciting experiences. To achieve this, various health tactics can be … Continue Reading

10 Reasons Why You Should Go on a Yoga Retreat

Yoga has conquered this generation’s mind overwhelmingly in the past few decades and yoga retreats have become a fantastic holiday choice. Whether it’s a summer vacation, family holiday, or Easter break, it is not unusual to desire time away from the monotonous hours of a regular life. During holidays, people either want to go exploring, … Continue Reading

How to Avoid Mosquito Born Diseases While Travelling

The world is indeed an “Open Book”. It has lots of fun pages waiting to be explored, and travelling is the only way to read it. Whether you are planning to travel during the Christmas Holidays or in the summer to beat the heat, the world offers endless options for both adventure seekers and travellers … Continue Reading

How to Travel the World as a Vegan

In this interview type post I am asking Chanel from How Far From Home to tell us how she travels the world as a vegan and to provide some tips and advice on how you can do the same. For those that don’t already know her, Chanel is a talented travel blogger and photographer, who has visited … Continue Reading

Travel Tips: How to Stay Fit Whilst Travelling

Many people exercise heavily before travel (ie to get that beach body), and then whilst travelling let it slip! I would say I’m guilty of this myself. Luckily though if you do want to stay fit while you travel there are plenty of ways you can do so. Here are tips and ideas on how to stay … Continue Reading

Travel Tips: What to Do If Your Hotel Has Bed Bugs

Not the nicest topic, but I think it’s good for anybody who’s been a victim of bed bugs to share their experience and hopefully help others with tips and suggestions on how you should handle the situation, as well as what to do when checking into hotels. Note: I don’t work for pest control so … Continue Reading