In Pictures | Winters in the Canadian Rockies, Alberta

The Canadian Rocky Mountains in Alberta is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. I have visited in the winter and was blown away by beautiful snowy landscapes, frozen lakes, tree lined roads and incredible mountains. As well as this, there is the opportunity to head up to ski resorts, hit the slopes … Continue Reading

Multi Destination Trip – 5 Countries in South East Asia

It’s surprisingly easy to visit multiple countries in South East Asia. Once you get to that part of the world often all you need to do is jump on a plane for a few hours, or get a train or bus (although that takes a lot longer). If you wanting to visit South East Asia … Continue Reading

Winter Getaways Visiting Salzburg and Obertauern in Austria

A perfect winter getaway would be a trip to Austria where you combine a visit to Salzburg with Obertauern. By doing so you would get a mix of both city and nature, history and adventure, resulting in a trip with fun and fantastic experiences. Such a trip is easy to do, and in this post I … Continue Reading

5 Top Ski Resorts in France

France has some of the best and biggest ski resorts in the world and in this post you will find my suggestions of some of the top resorts I recommend visiting. All the suggestions are located in the Alps in the east of France. With each suggestion you’ll also find useful information such as the … Continue Reading

Hiking and Day Trips to Bohemian Switzerland, Czech Republic

Bohemian Switzerland is a beautiful destination in Czech Republic and to the north of the country. The region consists of mountains, hills, rock formations, gorges, and amazing foliage. Lots of people get confused thinking it’s in Switzerland, but it’s not. It has “Switzerland” in it’s name because in the past two famous Swiss painters Adrian … Continue Reading

Summer Adventures at Zell am See-Kaprun in Austria

Zell am See and Kaprun are two alpine towns in the SalzburgLand state of Austria. They are in the Austrian Alps region of the country around 80km south of Salzburg. The entire area consists of the most beautiful scenery, with lakes, mountains, hills and glacier. As well as this, as you explore you will often … Continue Reading

Adventure Trips in Salzburger Saalachtal, Austria

Saalachtal is an area in the SalzburgerLand region of Austria. It is located towards the west of the country and close to the Austrian-German border. Saalachtal consists of four communities or areas which are Unken, Lofer, St Martin and Weißbach. These communities are all nestled in a valley with the Saalach river flowing through them. … Continue Reading

Ultimate Guide to Planning a Multi Destination Trip

Image above: Screenshot from Google Maps The prospect of planning and booking a multi destination trip can be quite daunting. Such trips are often complicated, the planning takes a lot of time, and you have to get everything to align. In this guide I will give you my tips on what I do, when planning … Continue Reading

Winter Getaways at Alpen Palace Resort and Spa

Located deep in the South Tyrol region of north Italy, Alpen Palace Resort and Spa makes for a fantastic winter getaway. All around are snow capped mountains, trees and forestry and you’ll feel free from the pressures of cities and everyday life. Hotel Alpen Palace is a 5 star luxury hotel and comes complete with everything … Continue Reading

Winter Sports in Gastein, Austria

Gastein is a resort and spa town located in the Salzburgerland state of Austria. It is a fantastic place to go for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports, as well as to visit in the summer for hiking and natural scenery. In past times Gastein was a destination for royals including Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth of … Continue Reading