A City Break is normally a trip to a destination, where you only visit for a short period of time. Many people go on trips like this over the weekend ie Saturday-Sunday, or for a long weekend which would include either Friday and/or Monday.

A good time go on a City Break is by using national holidays that are close to the weekend, as it allows you to go away for longer without using much or any of your vacation allowance. Another time people go on a City Break is when they are travelling for a long period of time, such as when travelling around Asia, where you may only be in a place for a few days before moving on.

As this is often how I travel, I have wrote a collection of detailed guides on cities that would be great for a short trip, such as for 24-72 hours. If you have time you could stay for longer in these destinations. All these posts have been written to provide as much helpful information as possible.

I have grouped the guides by Europe and Asia and you'll be able to head straight to those posts by clicking on the images for each place.

Europe Guides

Here are our city break posts on destinations in Europe. Including things to see and do in each place, restaurant suggestions, ideas on places to stay, photography tips and more.

Asia Guides

Here are our city break posts on destinations in Asia. Head to the links below to find out things to do in the city, where to stay, restaurant ideas and more.

Travel Tips

Below you will find some other posts you may find helpful when travelling.

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