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Asia has so many fantastic places to visit and has something to offer everyone. From relaxing on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, wandering among the high rises of Hong Kong City, to exploring the rice fields in Bali.

For those that have never been to Asia before you are in for a treat and a completely new experience. You’ll get to see and experience fantastic and diverse cultures, taste delicious cuisines, and see some of the most amazing and intricate architecture in the world.

In this section of our website you’ll find links to various countries we have posts for. Some of these posts are detailed City Break guides which give you ideas on things to see and do whilst visiting, suggestions on places to eat, accommodation suggestions and much more. Further down you’ll find a link to our top tips for travelling around Asia, as well as how to plan a multi destination trip such as when going travelling for a longer period.

Countries to Visit in Asia

Below are Asian countries that we currently have posts for. Select a country below to see our posts on that destination. Alternatively, use the dropdown below to quickly go to the respective country.

Travel Tips for Asia

Here are posts that provide travel tips. Such as planning a trip involving visiting more than one country, saving money whilst travelling, and our top travel tips.


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