Easy Tips to Improve Your Blog (8 Top Ideas)

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If you’re starting out in the blogging world, or simply want to improve your website and make it better for your visitors, then see below for our easy tips and recommendations on what you could do:

1. Use a nice font

A nice font is essential for your visitor’s experience and by doing so you’ll make reading the content that much more enjoyable.

You may wonder what we mean by a nice font? Well, we mean a font that is clear and easy to read. So take it easy on the squiggly designs and also the extra light font weights. Also, very bold font works well for headings but not so much for the main content.

To find fonts we recommend heading over to where you’ll find a huge range to choose from. Once you’ve found your desired font then you can easily import using the embed code and then set it in your theme.

2. Add spacing between paragraphs

As well as having a nice font design also be sure to add lots of white space between the paragraphs and sections of your content. This could be in the form of margins or padding (added through CSS). By doing so it should be more likely that your visitors will actually read the text, as opposed to being overwhelmed and put off.

3. Improve your site speed

Site speed is incredibly important and more so as many people access websites with different connections speeds and often on mobile devices. There are lots of ways to improve site speed from using a CDN (content delivery network), using a high performing theme, reducing the number of scripts on a page and ensuring your images aren’t too big. BUT one of the top and most essential ways to improve your site speed is by using a caching and performance plugin.

Our favourite performance plugin by far is WP Rocket which offers tons of speed optimisation features as well as HTML caching. As a result, once your content has been pre-cached you should see amazing results. To get this improvement simply install the plugin (it’s a premium plugin), add the default settings, click on the “preload cache” button and before long you should see results.

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

4. Take it easy on ads

Ads are ok on websites and provide a way for the site to make an income – as you can see we also have ads. But saying this we’d recommend not going overboard and having excessive ads. Although more ads should bring in more $$$, that will likely be at the expense of annoying your users big time and they might not recommend your website or come back as a result.

5. Avoid disruptive popups

Another thing we’d highly recommend is avoiding too many unnecessary popups, especially in the centre of the screen. When we say this we don’t mean cookie/GDPR popups, but rather full-screen ad overlays, signups requests etc. These can convert though so should you decide to go ahead with this then make sure you get the balance between a good user experience and your conversion objectives.

6. Internal linking

Adding internal links between your articles can be a good way to improve your travel blog and can also increase the number of page views you have. We’d recommend adding links within the content, as well as at the end and in the sidebar. The in-content links should be to relevant content that might be helpful to visitors. Such as on our blog we may mention London in a “Top Cities to Visit” article and then have an internal link where they can read more.

7. Add social buttons

Social buttons provide an easy way for people to share an article with others. They are often groups of buttons for various social media services and are positioned in the sidebar, as well as in the content too. If you’re using WordPress then we’d recommend Grow (previously called Social Pug).

Of course another benefit to adding social buttons is that hopefully, you’ll see more traffic as a result.

8. Choose a good theme

Finally, another very important factor for your website is having a good theme. By doing so you should have a fast website with good mobile optimisation and all the features you might need. Our theme is the Cheerup theme and we purchased it via Envato. We have since heavily customised it though through a WordPress Child-theme and CSS but it gives you a good place to start. You’ll find lots more themes as well as advanced plugins on Envato so it’s definitely a good place to go. Another place for themes is through Blossom Themes.

It’s also ok to change your theme and even start off with a default WordPress free theme whilst you get up and running, but eventually, it can be beneficial to buy a premium theme that matches what you want to achieve and maybe even comes with some nice custom features.


Having a good user experience should be one of your main focuses when creating a blog. We hope our suggestions above help you to improve your site. Of course, our website is by no means perfect and we’re also always looking at ways to improve it. Any extra tips that we discover on our journey we’ll be sure to share on this post.

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