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easyJet Airlines – A Personal Review

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easyJet would often be considered a budget airline and offer a large number of routes mainly around Europe. I have used this airline for countless flights and below you will find my review on what I like and what I don’t like about this airline, as well as some general information and their service.

General information

Here is some general information about easyJet and the service they offer.


easyJet is mainly Europe based and offer short-haul flights. They have around 880 routes between 31 European countries and various countries outside the EU (source (easyJet Traveller magazine – September 2017).

Cabin luggage

All customers get a free cabin luggage allowance. This is quite small though and should measure no more than 45 x 36 x 20 cm and needs to be able to fit under the seat in front of you. Previously you were able to bring a larger cabin luggage measuring 56 x 45 x 25 cm but they have since changed this. There is open an option to pay though for a larger cabin luggage allow this can run out so book this well in advance if you do need more space and don’t want to have to check luggage in.

Hold luggage

For most short-haul flights, you don’t get hold luggage included by default. Hold luggage can be purchased either at the initial booking, online/on the App through the flight management section, or at the airport. Paying in advance is generally the cheapest way to do this.

A standard bag for the hold would be 20kg, but you can pay for up to 32kg. As well as checking in bags you can also pay for sports equipment such as golf clubs, bikes, diving equipment, skis, snowboards and various other items.

To see the fees head to www.easyjet.com/en/terms-and-conditions/fees.

Website and booking

The best way to buy easyJet flights is online through their website, or through their downloadable App (IOS | Android). You can also view and manage your flights using this app, as well as add additional options such as luggage.


To check in, you can do this online or through the App and then get a mobile/app ticket. I like this because you can save on printing paper and it’s also more convenient. If you have luggage to check-in as well, then at some of the bigger airports there is now sometimes a self-service way of doing this, and it’s actually very easy to use. Should you miss the self-check-in slot it is also possible to do this at the airport.

easyJet Plus cardholders

If you are an easyJet Plus cardholder then you get some additional benefits such as:

  • You can select seats whenever you fly for no extra cost.
  • There is a dedicated bag drop desk.
  • You can board the plane first and this helps you nab the best spots in the overhead lockers.
  • Your cabin baggage is guaranteed.
  • As well as the standard cabin baggage, you can also take another smaller item with you such as a laptop or handbag.
  • You can transfer onto an earlier flight on the same day as your original booking at no extra cost for free.

You can find some more information here: plus.easyjet.com/benefits.

What I like

Here are a few things that I like about the easyJet service.

  • Plenty of leg room – I find there is plenty of leg room. Based on my height of 5″11.
  • Pleasant staff – Generally I have found all staff to be friendly, polite and well presented.
  • Easy to book online – The easyJet online website is very easy to use and book through.
  • Great prices – One of the main reasons I often use easyJet is because of their great prices. I often travel between London and Vienna for less than €50 a flight (cabin luggage only).
  • Well made App – The App that you can download for phones and tablets is well made and has all the right information, allowing booking of flights, self check-in and mobile boarding cards.
  • Affordable hold luggage costs – If you do need to pay for luggage, I think the cost is fairly reasonable.
  • Good updates from the staff –The staff such as flight crew and cabin crew have always provided good and clear updates and information during the flight.
  • You can load previous passport/passenger information – I personally hate having to type my passenger info such as passport number each time I travel, as I always get worried about making a typo. However, if you have an online account with easyJet, you can set it so that this information is saved and you can easily load it on future flights.
  • Clean cabin area – The cabin area of the plane has generally always been clean, tidy and well maintained.

What I don’t like

Here are a few things that I don’t like about the easyJet service.

  • Sometimes cabin luggage is put in the hold at the boarding gate – A couple of times I’ve had to check-in my luggage when arriving at the gate. I never really understand why this often happens on easyJet, as it doesn’t happen on any other airlines I use.
  • Small bags and laptops – I often use my laptop when flying and think that passengers should all be allowed a cabin bag, as well as a small handbag or laptop bag. Otherwise, you then have to get it out of your main bag when on the plane which can be difficult. You can pay to be an easyJet Plus cardholder to avoid this, but when travelling on a budget this isn’t ideal. I have found other airlines such as British Airways allow two bags in the cabin. One big and one small and they are now also offering competitive and more affordable prices.
  • No free refreshments – You don’t get free refreshments on the flight and these are extra.
  • Sales prompt for extras – When booking, the “extras” prompts, such as for car rental and hotels is annoying, although easy to skip. When recently trying to check-in through the app there was so many of these, that I accidentally didn’t finish the entire process and missed the self-check-in time-frame. I then had to queue and check-in at the airport.


Overall I think easyJet is a great airline and definitely worth using, especially for cheap travel around Europe. They have a great number of connections and due to their generous cabin luggage, I think they are a good choice for travellers. If you wanted to check out the easyJet website to find out more information or search for flights head to easyjet.com.


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