Travel Photography Equipment Recommendations

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To take high quality noise free images, which are sharp from corner to corner, images which are bright and have good color contrast, you will need some good equipment. Compacts and phones are coming along, but the control you get from a professional DSLR opens up a lot more creative options.

I have put below the list of equipment I have used to capture most of my images.

You don’t need everything below to get good shots, and you can even consider cheaper options, but this gives you an idea of what I use.


Note clicking on images and blue writing (except review links) will direct you to a merchant link, allowing you to learn more or allow you to purchase the items. For this I will get some commission which helps me run my website and continue sharing my photos with you.

Canon EOS 6D – This full frame camera is great for taking noise free images and comes packed with features. My full review here..A cheaper options to the 6D is the Canon EOS 70D
which is also an excellent camera.
Canon 24-105mm Lens – A lens with a great focal range, giving me the flexibility to take wide or slightly zoomed in shots. It allows a widest aperture of F4 and gives a brilliant bokeh. This lens can be used with cropped or full frame Canon Cameras. My full review here..
Canon EF 85mm Lens
– A good fixed prime lens with a nice maximum aperture of F1.8
Canon EF 40mm Lens
– A small pancake lens good for portraits. The maximum aperture goes to F2.8 so great for isolating your subject.
MeFOTO Aluminium Roadtrip Travel Tripod
Tripod – One of the best investments I have ever made. I always have this with me and have got so many shots I have been happy with. My full review here..
SanDisk Extreme 32GBSDHC Memory Card – You want a reliable card that can store lots of images or video footage. A fast card like this also allows the camera to write to it quicker, therefore aiding with burst shots. On top of this I also carry two SanDisk 16GB SDHC
cards. When I’m shooting, I tend to switch between them so that I have images spread across multiple cards.
Lowepro 200AW Pro Runner Backpack – A fantastic bag which isn’t too big or too small and can hold most of the kit you’d want to be carrying around, also fits into hand luggage on airplanes fine. My full review here..
Lowepro Event Messenger 250 Shoulder Bag – This small bag is great for exploring cities and carrying all the equipment you may need for a short trip. I often carry my SLR, multiple lens and other miscellaneous bits with room to spare.
B&W B+W 77mm ND Neutral Density 3.0 Lens Filter – Powerful 10 stop filter allowing extremely long exposures during daylight.
Lee Filters Foundation Kit Filter Holder System (4″ Holder) – This is the foundation kit for the Lee Filter System, on top of this you would need to purchase the adaptor ring and filter glass. This is a good investment though as the foundation kit can be used with most lenses and should last forever.
Lee Filters 77 W/A Adapter Ring, Model: 77 W/A Adapter Ring, Electronic Store & More – The Wide angle Adapter ring that I use for my 24-105mm lens. To be used with the foundation kit.
Lee Filters 100 x 100mm Big Stopper 3.0 Neutral Density Filter – The Big Stopper will allow longer exposures than noramlly possible and very useful for whipsy clouds, smooth silky water or blurring busy streets.
The Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II is a powerful high quality camera which offers a large range of settings allowing you to capture that perfect image.
GoPro HERO4 Silver– A useful camera for underwater, action sports and extremely wide angle photography. The image quality isn’t as good as an SLR but it’s still a great camera for getting custom shots which would require a lot of costly equipment if done via an SLR. The camera is also great for capturing high quality video.
Ramozz Shutter Release Timer Remote Control – A great remote with plenty of functions to allow you to take different night shots. My full review here..
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 is a must have. The powerful software allows you to organise your images as well as make many edits. It’s not quite as powerful as photoshop but comes packed with lots of features. My full review here..
Samsung external portable hard drives are an excellent choice for backing up all your important photographs. They are fast, compact, affordable and reliable. It’s worth getting a few and mirroring your images for even better backup practice if possible.
Matin Camera Lens Tissues with Cleaning Solution Kit – A must have for keeping your lens and filters clean. My full review here..

Any questions feel free to send me a message.

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The above recommendations are based on Mike Clegg (Travel and Destinations) personal opinion, often from using the product. Any specifications and prices are believed to be true, but should be double checked when purchasing. Mike Clegg (Travel and Destinations) is not responsible for any damage to your equipment or yourself if you use the product mentioned. My recommendations are designed to help you with your purchasing decisions, but any decisions are ultimately your own.

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