High Quality Travel Photographs – Licensing and Free Blog Use


Are you looking for some high quality and beautiful travel photographs to use on your website or blog? If so you are in the right place. I have a huge library of images that are available for you to use right now from destinations in Europe, Asia, the USA and Canada.

Quick note regarding my images

In order to keep the performance of TravelAndDestinations.com at it’s best I never upload the highest resolution images. I generally downsize and keep the images at a max of 250kb. However you can find many of my images on www.mikecleggphotography.com which are displayed at a much higher resolution.

Option 1 – Images for blog/website posts

If you’d like to use any of my images for a blog post or your website then fill out the form below.

Option 1a – Free use

  • The image can be used only for the specified blog post and a ‘follow’ link should be provided as credit such as ‘Photo © Mike Clegg of www.travelanddestinations.com‘.
  • As the image is being provided for free, the image supplied will be 1200px on the longest edge and a max of 400kb. You are welcome to further downsize if you like. That resolution/quality should be more than adequate for website use.
  • Please note I will be tracking the credit/link so should you remove it then you would be breaking the terms of the agreement and can no longer use the image.

Option 1b – Chargable

  • If you want the highest resolution and quality then this is for a small charge of £30 per photo (via PayPal).
  • The image can only be used on the specified blog/website post.
  • No credit would be required in exchange for the £30 fee.

Option 2 – Images for advertisements/print use

I also license images for advertisement and print use:

  • £200 per image for print and advertisement use
  • Unlimited use and no expiry
  • Image can have text overlaid/be adjusted
  • No credit/link required
  • None exclusive use

Option 3 – Hire me to take new photographs

If you’d like to hire me to come to your destination and take new photographs then this is also possible. Please get in touch below and let me know what you’re after.

Sound good? Get in contact

If you’re contacting about a particular image please also include details or a link to to.

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