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Are you someone that wants to help global causes and issues happening around the world but unsure what you can do? Well, one of the ways is to get involved in volunteering projects such as through sites like Workaway. But for those that can’t provide hands-on help you could also just donate and support a charity instead.

Below are some suggestions of charities and committees you could support. Some of them help when there’s a major disaster or crisis, such as the Pakistan Floods, Coronavirus Pandemic and the Ukraine crisis. Below you will find a brief description on the charity and their work, as well as links so that you can go to their site and support them and their appeals.

Here are some of the best charities and disaster committees that support and help causes around the world.

Disasters Emergency Committee

The Disasters Emergency Committee works with 15 UK charities to provide support during some of the worst disasters and issues happening around the world. They have the resources and connections to quickly get support where it’s needed most.

Some of their current and previous campaigns include:

  • Ukraine Appeal – Providing aid to hundreds of thousands of people affected by the war in Ukraine. Including food, medicine, shelter and psychological support.
  • Pakistan Floods Appeal – Providing temporary shelter, clean water, medical care and emergency food support.
  • Afghanistan Crisis Appeal – Assisting hundreds of thousands of people affected by economic collapse, drought and other issues. The appeal helps by providing food, health services, water projects, and cash assistance.

UK Registered Charity number: 1062638

The British Red Cross

Red Cross is a charity providing help to those in need. Such as providing assistance to those suffering from natural disasters, as well as refugee support, first aid training, health and social care help and lots of other projects.

Some of their current and previous campaigns include:

  • Pakistan Floods – The British Red Cross has been helping to provide clean water, hygiene kits and other support to help protect them during record-breaking floods in 2022.
  • Syria Crisis – Due to war and horror in Syria many people have had to leave their homes and became homeless. The Red Cross assists by providing tarpaulins, sleeping mats, blankets, food parcels and other support.
  • Myanmar Appeal – Over 700,000 people have been displaced due to violence in Myanmar and the Red Cross help by providing shelter kits, food and water to those affected.
  • Disaster Fund – Providing essentials to people affected by a disaster as well as helping families to find each other if they are displaced.
  • The Yemen Crisis – Providing food, water, blankets and medication to help those in Yemen stuffing from famine.

UK Registered Charity number: 220949

Concern Worldwide

Concern provides aid to the poorest people across the world. They now have a team of over 3,500 skilled professionals and work across 25 countries to provide food, education, and other solutions to help battle poverty.

A few of the countries they provide support in include Pakistan and Afghanistan, places in Africa such as Chad, Libera, Malawi, as well as Haiti in the Caribbean and Syria, Lebanon and Turkey in the Middle East. They also help after natural disasters and conflicts.

Each year they work with over 25 million people who live on less than $2 per day. 85% of the money they make through donations is spent on relief and development efforts. The rest goes towards education, governance and fundraising.

UK Registered Charity number: 1092236

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth are about protecting the world we live in and reversing any negative impacts we as humans have. They campaign, conduct research and provide solutions to our environmental problems.

A few things they do includes:

  • Fighting for cleaner more environmentally friendly energy to be used.
  • Working to reduce plastic waste and single-use plastics.
  • Campaigning to prevent and reduce industries and engineering projects that would harm or be dangerous for the environment.

UK Registered Charity number: 281681


Unicef has been established since 1946 and are a charity to help children around the world. They provide vaccinations, life-saving food as well as school books. They also provide rapid response during an emergency crisis, including providing water and sanitation.

A few incredible things they ‘ve done include:

  • Provided learning materials including books to 15.7 million children in 2016.
  • Vaccinated 23 million children in 2015.
  • Treated more than 4 million children that have severe acute malnutrition in 2017.
  • Provided 1.3 million sets of winter clothes to children in Syria in 2015.
  • Responded to 337 emergencies across 102 countries in 2017.

UK Registered Charity number: 1072612

Save the Children

Save the Children helps children in need in over 68 countries around the world. They do this by improving education, helping prevent children being neglected or exploited, as well as improving healthcare and hunger programmes.

A few of the things they spend donations on includes:

  • Providing food, safe water, medicine and education to children.
  • Helping during disasters by providing teams and life-saving medical support.
  • Treating malnourished children and pregnant woman.

A couple of achievements include:

  • Bringing 1.6 million children out of extreme poverty in 2017.
  • Helping 841,000 children through education programmes in 2017.

UK Registered Charity number: 213890


Oxfam provides international support to crisis and issues all around the world, such as during national disasters. They also work to improve the lives of people in need such as to end poverty, improve woman rights and improve access to drinking water.

A few of their current and previous campaigns include:

  • Yemen Crisis – Providing water, sanitation services, food vouchers and more.
  • East Africa Crisis – Providing water and distributing food. Helping vulnerable people produce their own food.
  • Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami – Distributing hygiene kits, water, shelters and providing other life-saving supplies.
  • Ebola Crisis – Helping by supplying protective equipment. Spreading health messages to help people know how to protect themselves.
  • Syria Crisis – Providing clean water and other aid to Syrian and Jordanian refugees.

Registered Charity number: 202918

Action Against Hunger

Action against hunger work in around 50 countries around the world on projects to reduce and prevent hunger and malnutrition, improve sanitation and hygiene issues.

Here are a few of their achievements:

  • Helping and treating malnourished children.
  • Providing tools, seeds and support to help communities and families grow food.
  • Building wells and water networks as well as improving sanitation and hygiene standards.
  • Providing food and water during emergency situations.
  • Raising awareness and trying to influence government policies to help reduce hunger.

Registered Charity number: 1047501

Build Africa

Build Africa works to improve education and to end poverty in Africa. They try to help children get the education they need to have a brighter future.

Here are a few of their projects:

  • Fight to prevent early marriage and pregnancy.
  • Helping to keep young girls in school.
  • Build a School Project – Designed to help and support schools.
  • Literacy for young mothers – Helping mothers learn to read, write and become better able to look after their children.
  • The Kwale Girls Project – Working to improve girls educations and providing them with the support they need. As well as trying to help parents become less likely to marry them while they are young.
  • Farmers Network Project II – Helping develop the skills of farmers so they can produce and sell more food.

UK Registered Charity number: 298316

World Wide Fund for Nature

WWF are a global charity whose aim is to protect the world and its natural environment.

A few of the things they do includes:

  • They fight to encourage the use of renewable energy, reduce pollution and waste.
  • Working with governments and organisations to protect wildlife, especially those endangered.
  • Ending animal trafficking and poaching.

UK Registered Charity number: 1081247

Non Charities

Here is another movement that provides some good to help our planet but isn’t a charity.


As our ocean has been getting polluted more and more by plastic and other waste it has become clear that we need to do something about this. Thanks to 4ocean we are now fighting back and removing what we can from the seas. They work by selling bracelets made from recycled glass and plastic and then using that money to invest in cleaning up the oceans and coastlines. They now have a global team operating in counties around the world and employ over 150 people. So far they have removed over 4 million pounds of trash from the Ocean.

Other ways that 4ocean help is by working to improve education and awareness as to the damage of plastic, and creating jobs so starting a new type of economy.

Please note 4ocean isn’t an official charity, rather a “global movement” that has good motives behind it.


These are some of the best charities, committees and other movements which aim to help global issues and disasters around the world. Be sure to click through to some that interest you to learn more. For some more international charity ideas head to or the official UK charity register at


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