Images and Credits


We do our best to credit images and other sources of information. Here is some more information.


We license and use images throughout our site to illustrate the content and give you more perspective on the text and topic. Images are mostly credited to the author and source. Should you not see a credit then these are the common places we find and source images:

Stock photo agencies:

Through these websites/agencies below we have licensed a large amount of images for use on our website:

Free download sites:

These websites allow contributors/photographers to upload images that people can then use for free. We do however credit the website and photographer on most images that we use – but only where the design fits. Should you find an image that shouldn’t have been available on these free sites then please let us know and we’ll remove it as soon as possible.

Our own images:

We also produce our own images when we travel and these will normally be mentioned as mikecleggphotography, or Images that we take ourselves can also licensed through stock agencies such as Shutterstock, and many of can be purchased for prints.


We have occasionally used images from other websites on a Creative Commons license and where it has stated that this usage is allowed. These websites include:

  • Wikipedia
  • Flicker

Reporting an issue with images

If you suspect we’ve made a mistake with any images on our site please let us know and we’ll try and rectify the issue as soon as possible.

Other Credits/Sources

A few websites that we have used to obtain information include:


We use freelance writers for many of our articles who research and create the content. Before publishing we fact check as best we can to ensure the accuracy of information. If you find any errors in content please let us know.