Instagram is a wonderful source of inspiration. I often plan trips to places that I discover through Instagram and social media.

This post is dedicated to showcasing some of the best travel photographers that post pictures from all over the world. Consider following or visiting these photographers for ideas on where to go for your next trip, or if you just want to check out some beautiful pictures.

For more inspiration visit my post on The Best Places In Europe For Travel Photography And Instagram or head to my page Instagram and Photography posts for lots more.

So let’s get started on the best travel photographers to follow:

1. @howfarfromhome

This account is by the fantastic Stevo and Chanel who I’ve personally met and been on a few trips with. They are incredibly talented and two of the best story tellers I’ve seen (see their Instagram stories and you’ll agree).


2. @nodestinations

Another very talented couple, Chris and Danika are always travelling and share pictures from all around the world. Their pictures are very high quality and beautiful. I often want to jump on a plane after seeing the destinations they share.

A photo posted by Chris & Danika (@nodestinations) on


3. @sassychris1

Christina is a luxury travel blogger and incredibly nice. She posts pictures from all around the world of beautiful destinations and also the most incredible hotels.

A post shared by Christina Tan (@sassychris1) on

4. @paperboyo 

Rich is one of the most unique and talented artists I’ve ever met. He uses paper cutouts to add his own unique perspective of a destination. You can also read more about him in my interview: Interview with creative photographer Rich McCor

A post shared by paperboyo (@paperboyo) on


5. @barnadrift

Stephen posts some of the best drone shots and often uses his partner @devstinations in this photographs to add a creative human element.


6. @danflyingsolo 

I think Dan has been everywhere and through his Instagram feed you will be able to get some ideas on the perfect place for your next vacation. Read more about Dan in my interview with him: Interview with World Traveller Dan from Danflyingsolo

A photo posted by Dan James | Travel Photography (@danflyingsolo) on


7. @king_roberto 

You won’t be short of lots wonderful and creative images with Robert King. Check him out on Instagram for more images like below.

A photo posted by Robert King ? (@king_roberto) on


8. @travel_a_little_luxe

Lots of perfect luxury travel images will be found through this account. Every destination she posts is stunning.

A photo posted by @travel_a_little_luxe on


9. @jacob 

One of the most talented photographers in social media. Also part of the @beautifuldestinations team.

A photo posted by J A C O B R I G L I N (@jacob) on


10. @michutravel 

For some of the most stunning and luxurious destinations, consider following Michelle. Her feed has pictures from the Maldives, Santorini and many other amazing places. 

A photo posted by Michelle (@michutravel) on

11. @toinou1375 

Antoine is a frequent traveller and through his Instagram feed you will see beautiful places to visit from all corners of the globe.

A photo posted by Antoine Collas (@toinou1375) on


12. @doyoutravel 

This account features incredible travel and lifestyle type images. They just make you want to be there in person.

A photo posted by JACK MORRIS (@doyoutravel) on


13. @beboy_photography 

Absolutely stunning images is all you will find in this Instagram feed. For more images like below check him out.

A photo posted by Beboy Photography (@beboy_photography) on


14. @nois7

Robert Jahns is probably one of the best digital artists in the world. Everything he posts is magical and dreamy.

A photo posted by Robert Jahns (@nois7) on


15. @sennarelax 

Senna is a fantastic travel photographer with excellent style showing the best of each place he visits.

A photo posted by Senai Senna (@sennarelax) on


16. @mikecleggphoto

Follow my personal Instagram to see my photos from all around the world.

A photo posted by Travel & Destinations (@mikecleggphoto) on


17. @kevinrawalsh

A very talented photographer from the USA. Kevin posts beautiful edits and shots from across the globe.


18. @danielkordan

Posting some of the most dreamy and beautiful photographs I’ve ever seen. Daniel Kordan is a must follow.


19. @storyofsage

Sage is someone I met whilst on a trip to Thailand and he is an outstanding photographer and editor. You’ll find his photographs are beautiful and dramatic.

A post shared by Sage Stephens (@storyofsage) on


20. @jamesrelfdyer

James is a super talented photographer and has one of the most beautiful editing styles. Follow him to be incredibly inspired.

A post shared by JAMES (@jamesrelfdyer) on


Great destination hubs

Hubs are accounts that feature other peoples photographs with credit to the original artist. Here are a few of my favourite Global Instagram hubs.

  1. travelanddestinations – A hub featuring high-quality images from city to landscape.
  2. bestcitybreaks  Beautiful city images showing some of the best cities to visit.
  3. beautifuldestinations – One of the largest travel hubs on Instagram featuring different places daily.
  4. passionpassport – This Instagram hub features images but each image comes with a story.


If you’re not already using Instagram then check out my post on building a following. Do you know of any other great photographers that you recommend people follow? Please leave a comment below with your suggestion.

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Top Travel Photographers You Should Follow on Instagram


  1. Thanks so much for this post! I have so much more inspiring travel content on my feed now!

    • Mike

      You’re very welcome. I’m glad it helps and I hope you enjoy the content those photographers post!

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