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TravelAndDestinations was created by traveller and photographer Mike Clegg so as to help travellers around the world. We publish travel articles that provide ideas and inspiration on places to visit, tips, as well as activities and things to do once you arrive. Also on our website are photography articles, interviews and heaps more to help and inspire travellers.

Here are three reasons to use travelanddestinations.com:

Articles on over 90 countries

You'll find articles on this website for over 90 countries around the world. These provide answers to your questions to help with your trips and holidays. From city guides, the best things to see and do, budget trips, we have plenty of content to help you and are constantly adding more each week. See destinations.

Global authors

Our articles are written by experienced authors from around the world. These writers have travelled or lived in many of the destinations they write about and provide their expert advice and tips from first hand experience. See our authors.

User experience optimised for travellers

Our site is being designed to give you the best possible experience. As well as finding what you're looking for we want you to enjoy being on our website. We also provide recommendations on the best services to use when booking your trip, such as for flights, accommodation, transfers, tours and activities.

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