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When you travel you will likely want to see some of the best attractions and experience some of the best things to see and do at the destination. A few ways to find the best things to see and do includes finding things to do type articles for your chosen destination. You can also ask your hotel, get some tips from friends that may have been there, look on social media, or search on websites that list tours and activities.

Another way you can find things to do on vacation is to use our helpful activity tool below. With this, you can search for tours, activities, experiences and tickets for your travels. These are through our partners which offer thousands of options for many destinations around the world. Depending on your destination you’ll find a range of options suitable for all types of travellers, from guided tours, entry tickets, active and outdoor, adventurous activities, things to do at night, and lots more. There is something for everyone, as well as groups.

To use this travel & tours activity finder tool you can start with the search box below. This will then help you to find the perfect travel activities for you, as well as tickets for major attractions. Simply type in a place or the tour or activity that you’re looking for and then click the button.

Examples of what to search for include destination names such as “London”, “Rome”, “New York”. Or you could put places of interest, such as “Rome Colosseum”, “Eiffel Tower”, “Tokyo Skytree”, “Shard Tickets”. Or finally, you could search for the type of travel activity such as “helicopter ride”, “balloon ride”, “snorkelling”, “scuba diving”, “wine tour” etc, depending on what you’re looking for. You do sometimes have to tweak the search criteria to find exactly what you’re looking for so we’ve put in some helpful filters as well which you can use to add search terms automatically. You can also go to our tour partner sites using the links below where you’ll find even more search options.

So, keep scrolling and use our search tool to instantly discover some of the best vacation activities to do on a trip. These will be perfect for adding to your travel itinerary and to enhance your trip when you go on a vacation/holiday.

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What kind of things to do and experiences can you find when you travel?

Depending on your destination you can find a variety of things to do to suit all types of travellers. These might include:

  • Sightseeing guided tours around the city or destination that you’re visiting. These might be walking tours, bike rides, hop-on/hop-off buses, Segway tours, or even a helicopter or balloon ride.
  • Food experiences, which might can allow you to try local and traditional dishes.
  • Boat tours and may also include snorkelling, scuba diving and other activities.
  • Day trips to nearby destinations. This can be a great way to see something nearby that you may otherwise have missed. Day trips can range from half a day to several days.
  • You may find trips to nature reserves and these may be guided as well to help you get around and make the most of your visit.
  • Independent activities such as exploring a destination and seeing many of the attractions and landmarks. You will likely find lots of articles online helping you to know what you should see during your visit.

Use our widget/tool above to start searching or read more about day tours.

What kind of attraction tickets might you find for travel?

Many big destinations offer a range of tourist attractions. Some of these might be free (such as museums in London), but often you’ll need to get a ticket for entry. These can normally be booked at the entrance to the attraction, however some of the bigger attractions can have huge queues and may even sell out so it could be well worth booking in advance. You may also get a skip-the-line option too.

Here are a few things you might find or need to get tickets for when you travel:

  • Entrance to museums.
  • Tickets for shows, concerts and performances.
  • Entrance to observation decks.
  • Theme and water park tickets.

Search suggestions for our tool or to use in search engines

Here are some ideas of what you could search for using our tool above. Replace [attraction] or [place] with the name of the place that you’re visiting. Note that sometimes being more specific can make less results show:

  • [attraction] entry tickets
  • [place] bike tour
  • [place] walking tour
  • [attraction] skip the line tickets
  • [place] sightseeing cruise / [place] boat ride
  • [place] street food tour
  • Day trip from [place]
  • [place] water activity

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Why book tours, tickets and activities for your travels?

By booking your tours, tickets and activities in advance you will:

  • You’ll be guaranteed your spot and will avoid disappointment such as if there are no more places available last minute.
  • It’ll mean you have some really exciting activities to look forward to once you arrive (besides the general sightseeing and exploring).
  • You may find unique experiences that you may never have otherwise found.
  • Some tours and tickets come with free cancellation up to 24 hours before. This is helpful should your plans change.
  • You can sometimes save money on the normal entry price.
  • There might be other perks such as skip-the-line which can be very important for busy attractions where the queues can sometimes be hours long.
  • Tours and activities can be perfect things to do when travelling alone, as you will be in a group (but don’t necessarily have to talk to anyone).

Use our tool to find tours

Is it worth booking travel activities, tours and tickets in advance?

If there are attractions, museums, shows or anything in particular that you really want to see at your destination then we’d definitely recommend booking in advance.

We have travelled a lot ourselves and find that sometimes the queues can be crazy for popular attractions. Although it is sometimes nice to plan as you go and have a flexible itinerary, it’s also good to have a few of the top activities that you want to do already booked. This can help avoid any disappointment if something has sold out.

By booking in advance you’ll also have a few things planned and to look forward to once you arrive as well. This saves you having to do your research once you’re at your destination, such as in your hotel or over breakfast.

With some providers you may be able to cancel up to 24 hours before as well should your plans change.

How far in advance should you book activity tickets and tours?

Museums may have tickets available on the day, however if your trip is short and there’s something you really want to visit then we’d recommend booking these in advance. This could be a few days or week depending on where you’re going and how set your plan/itinerary is.

For shows/concerts, day trips etc you may want to book these a week or more in advance. This could be because these could easily sell out due to more limited capacity.

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What should you look out for when booking tours, tickets and activities?

When booking your tours, tickets or activities in advance then here are some things to look out for:

  • Is there a cancellation policy where you can get your money back should your plans change.
  • What is the pickup or meeting spot for the tour or activity?
  • How long is the activity? This would be especially important if you have younger kids.
  • Are any meals or snacks included with the ticket?
  • Does the activity involve a lot of travel to/from an attraction? this can be the case for long day trips.
  • Are there any rules related to Covid that might be important to you?
  • Do you need to print your tickets, or can you show on your phone?
  • What language is the tour or activity in?

How do I find tours and activities for my travels?

You can start your search using our useful activity search tool above. This can help you to find tours, activities, tickets and experiences for major destinations (and also lesser-known places) around the world.

Here are a few other great places to search for tours, activities and tickets online:

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More booking options

As well as tours and activities you may want to search and pre-book your accommodation for your destination.

Read our article Best Places to Find and Book Hotels and Other Travel Accommodation Online or you can also start your search on our hotels and accommodation page.

For other types of travel services such as package holidays, flight providers and more, then head to our page using the button below.