10 Top Instagram and Photography Spots in and Around Venice

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Venice is a maze of beautiful canals lined with historic and beautiful architecture. Venice is also one of the most photogenic cities I’ve ever visited and when I was there I couldn’t keep my camera away. If you are thinking of visiting this city and want to know some of the best Instagram and Photography spots in and around the city, then keep reading for my favourite locations. Below you will also find the best time to take pics, whether the location is free or not (most of them are), and also a link to the location on Google Maps. Here are 10 of the best and must-visit Instagram and photography spots in Venice.

Here are some top activities that you may like for Venice.

1. Rialto Bridge

The most beautiful bridge in the city and a great sunset spot is from Rialto Bridge. Here you’ll get pictures of the beautiful Grand Canal and some of the palaces and architecture on either side. As well as the view from the bridge, it’s also nice to take pictures towards the bridge. It’s a good place to visit anytime although my preference is at night and sunset.

Best time for pics: Sunset/Night
Cost: Free
Location: View on Google Maps

View from Rialto Bridge at sunset and blue hour
View from Rialto Bridge at sunset and blue hour

2. St. Mark’s Square / Piazza San Marco

St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco) is one of the tourist highlights of the city and is a huge square with the Saint Mark’s Basilica and Campanile at one end. Sometimes the square floods during heavy rain and if you visit during this time you may get some awesome reflections. This is great for Instagram photographs and using reflections to enhance your composition.

Best time for pics: Anytime
Cost: Free
Location: View on Google Maps

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St Mark's Square during the day
St Mark’s Square in Venice during the day with St Mark’s Basilica and the Campanile tower in the distance.

3. St Mark’s Campanile

For some of the best views of the city head up St Mark’s Campanile. This is a huge 99-metre high tower at St. Mark’s Square and from here you’ll get fantastic views of the waterfront, the square, or rooftops of Venice in all directions. It also gives you a different perspective of the city.

Best time for pics: Day/Sunset
Cost: Ticketed
Location: View on Google Maps

View of Venice from San Marco Campanile
View from San Marco Campanile

4. Bridge of Sighs

The Bridge of Sighs is a beautiful bridge crossing over the canals and best viewed from Ponte della Paglia which is along Riva degli Schiavoni. My picture below is at night but I recommend coming here during the day to get a nicer picture than what I took.

Best time for pics: Day (although my shot is at night)
Cost: Free
Location: View on Google Maps

Bridge of Sighs in Venice at night
Bridge of Sighs in Venice at night

5. Burano

Burano is one of the most colourful places I’ve ever been in my life. It’s actually another island about 30-40 minutes taxi boat from Venice, but easily and cheaply accessible. It’s hugely photogenic and I recommend coming mid-early afternoon and spending quite a bit of time there, as it’s a key spot for travel photography. Also when posting shots on Instagram of Burano they tend to do extremely well as the colours are just so nice.

Best time for pics: Day/Sunset
Cost: Free
Location: View on Google Maps

You can book a half-day tour to visit Burano and also Murano through The tour leaves from St Marks Square and you’ll get some audio commentary during the journey.
Colourful buildings in Burano, Italy
Colourful buildings in Burano

6. Fondamenta Cannaregio

I found quite a lot of nice facades along this street and it’s nice to take pictures from both the bridges and from the pedestrian paths that run alongside the canal.

Best time for pics: Anytime
Cost: Free
Location: View on Google Maps

Architecture along Fondamenta Cannaregio in Venice
Architecture along Fondamenta Cannaregio

7. Pont de l’Académie

This bridge is probably the second most popular bridge to take photographs from after Rialto Bridge. It gives you great perspectives of the canals and towards Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute (church). If you’re here at night try taking a long exposure and you may get light trails from boats such as seen below.

Best time for pics: Sunrise/Night
Cost: Free
Location: View on Google Maps

View from Pont de l'Academie, Venice
View from Pont de l’Academie, Venice

8. Riva degli Schiavoni

All along Riva degli Schiavoni you will find gondolas lining the waterside which makes for the perfect place to get those postcard shots. It is also a great place to get views and pictures of the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore which you can see in the distance below.

Best time for pics: Sunrise/Day/Sunset
Cost: Free
Location: View on Google Maps

Sunsets in Venice, Italy
Riva degli Schiavoni

9. Fondamenta Salute

From Fondamenta Salute (street) in the Dorsoduro district of Venice you will be able to get clear shots towards the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, or towards the San Marco district in the main part of the city. Also near this area is the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute (church) which is quite nice to photograph, although I didn’t get the best shot of it from here.

Best time for pics: Anytime
Cost: Free
Location: View on Google Maps

Church of San Giorgio Maggiore at night
Church of San Giorgio Maggiore at night

10. Murano

Similar to Burano, Murano is outside of the city and is actually a famous location for glass art. At this location, you’ll find several canals, towers and nice spots for taking shots. It feels a little less dense than Venice so good for something a bit different.

Best time for pics: Day
Cost: Free
Location: View on Google Maps

See Tours for Murano and Burano

Canals of Murano, Italy
Canals of Murano

Other places to explore

As well as the locations mentioned above you will find great spots all throughout the city. I stayed around Cannaregio and enjoyed walking south and through the streets and past the canals and kept seeing lots of good photo opportunities. Basically, just allow yourself to get lost and you will probably come across lots of beautiful scenes such as below.

Canals and architecture in Venice
Canals and architecture

Venice photography tips

  • Head out early to take photographs of streets and key spots before they get busy.
  • Make notes of your favourite spots for sunset/sunrise when you might capture beautiful skies and colours.
  • Use an ND filter to smooth water and blur or remove people.
  • Take pictures of the city at night and use a tripod.
  • Use gondolas and other features in your photographs to add cool local elements.
  • Visit during the Carnival of Venice for some unique photo opportunities.
  • Consider using travel photography presets to quickly edit your photographs or to create cool effects.

For more photography tips head to my post: Ultimate Tips for Travel Photography


Tours and Activities for Venice


Venice is one of the best destinations to visit for Instagram and photography shots. You will probably end up with tons of great pictures that your friends and followers will love, and that would be good to print, or even potentially sell. As well as the locations I mentioned above you will find endless opportunities around the city, from capturing architecture details, Venetian Masks, gondolas and other aspects of the city.

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