Top Canada Photographers and Accounts to Follow on Instagram

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Canada is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet and also one of the biggest. Throughout the country, you’ll find awesome cities such as Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal, incredible scenery such as the Canadian Rockies, lakes and national parks, as well as maritime areas such as Cape Breton on the East Coast.

Having so much variety means there are endless beautiful things to photograph. In this post I will tell you some of the best Canadian photographers and accounts on Instagram, that are worth following for inspiration and to give you ideas on places you must visit. To see more of the photographer’s work click on the Instagram handle or the photograph.

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Top Instagram Photographers in Canada

1. @markjinksphoto 

Long exposures, amazing colours and countless beautiful places is what you’ll find on Mark’s Instagram feed. You won’t go wrong with following him for lots of Canada inspiration.

@markjinksphoto on Instagram
Screenshot | @markjinksphoto

2. @argenel

Sharing dreamy photographs of both cities and landscapes, Argen is one of my favourite Canadian photographers. As well as Canada you will find posts from other destinations he visits.

@argenel on Instagram
Screenshot | @argenel

3. @calsnape

Possibly one of the biggest Instagram photographers in Canada, Callum shares stunning shots with great composition, colours and edits.

@calsnape on Instagram
Screenshot | @calsnape

4. @jayeffex

Sanjay is a Toronto based photographer who is highly creative and a fantastic editor. His pictures are well composed with great colours and tones. His feed contains lots of city images as well as some landscapes.

@jayeffex on Instagram
Screenshot | @jayeffex

5. @manucoveney

One of the best photographers in Quebec City, Emmanuel shares beautiful pictures from all around the city. If you check out his winter pictures such as seen below you will surely fall in love with his work.

@manucoveney on Instagram
Screenshot | @manucoveney

6. @acorn_art_photography

There’s probably not enough photographers sharing images from eastern Canada, but luckily Adam does just that. Through his feed, you’ll find pictures from all over Nova Scotia, which is one of Canada’s most beautiful Maritime provinces.

@acorn_art_photography on Instagram
Screenshot | @acorn_art_photography

7. @rockymountainscrambler

Brigid is based in Jasper, Alberta, and shares some of the best pictures from around the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Including lakes, waterfalls and mountains all with great colours and edits.

@rockymountainscrambler on Instagram
Screenshot | @rockymountainscrambler

8. @sentinelphotography

An incredible landscape photographer whos feed is full of beautiful and inspiring landscapes. All shot with long exposures, fantastic tones and great composition.

@sentinelphotography on Instagram
Screenshot | @sentinelphotography

9. @robnelson4

Based in Vancouver Rob is an excellent photographer sharing lots of outdoor travel photographs from around Canada. Including lakes, cities and lifestyle.

@robnelson4 on Instagram
Screenshot | @robnelson4

10. @ashtontekno

Toronto based photographer Ashton shares top shots on Instagram from around the city, including high rooftop shots, street life and beautiful skylines. Check him out for inspiration from around Toronto.

@ashtontekno on Instagram
Screenshot | @ashtontekno

11. @bora.vs.bora

Bora is an incredible editor and digital artist and through his feed you’ll often find images that are highly creative and unique.

@bora.vs.bora on Instagram
Screenshot | @bora.vs.bora

Favourite Hubs and official accounts

Hubs are accounts that feature other peoples photographs with credit to the original artist. They may also be official tourism accounts. Here are a few of my favourite hubs as well as the official tourism accounts for Canada.

Feature accounts

  1. @imagesofcanada – Posting great content from across Canada
  2. @streetsoftoronto – Sharing pictures on Instagram from around Toronto
  3. @tourcanada – Featuring lots of beautiful shots including landscape, nature and city
  4. @enjoycanada – Also sharing fantastic content from across Canada.

Tourism accounts

Here are the provincial tourism accounts (except Nunavut) and the main destination Canada account.

  1. @explorecanada – Sharing pictures from around Canada
  2. @hellobc -Sharing images from British Columbia
  3. @travelalberta – Sharing images from Alberta
  4. @tourismsask Images from Saskatchewan
  5. @TravelManitoba Images fromTravelManitoba
  6. @ontariotravel Sharing images from Ontario
  7. @tourismequebec Images from Quebec
  8. @destinationnb – Images from New Brunswick
  9. @visitnovascotia – Sharing images from Nova Scotia
  10. @newfoundlandlabrador – Sharing images from Newfoundland Labrador
  11. @tourismpei – Sharing images from Prince Edward Island
  12. @travelyukon – Sharing images from Yukon
  13. @spectacularnwt Sharing images from Northwest Territories

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