Improve Your Travel Photography

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Welcome to the travel photography section. Here you’ll find articles that will help you take better pictures on your travels. From techniques, editing, Instagram tips, making money from your images, building a portfolio, interviews and more.

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Photography Tips and Techniques

Want to learn techniques for taking travel photographs? Here you’ll find posts with tips and techniques, from night photography, long exposures, taking pictures in the golden hour and more. If you are new to photography you may want to read our series Photography Basics, where you’ll get an introduction into essential things you should know.


Editing and Post Production

In this section you’ll find posts about editing and what to do with your pictures after taking them. You will find links to posts on how to quickly edit your photographs using Lightroom. For portfolio building we recommend Smugmug and you’ll find the reasons why in a post below. For those wanting to take their hobby to the next level you’ll find also learn how to make money from your travel photography.

Social Media

Instagram is one of the best photography networks out there. Using Instagram allows you to share your work, as well as learn and be inspired by the work of others. It’s also a great way to make new friends, and I often meet up with other Instagrammers on my travels or in my home city.

You may also want to read some of our Instagram and Photography Guides.


Interviews and Collaborations

Here are various interviews and collaborated posts with talented travel photographers that I know. Read these posts to find out more about them, their work and some tips and techniques.

Various Product Posts and Reviews