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Planning a quiz with your friends and family? Or even a quiz for down the pub? Well, here is a big list of questions and answers that you can use for free.

There is a range of questions, from easy to hard and we have also categorised them by region (and general) so as to help you find questions that work for you. For images we recommend sites such as Pixabay and Unsplash where you can find pictures that you can use for free. You can also use stock sites such as Dreamstime and Adobe Stock to license images as well.

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Africa Questions

Question: Which of these is NOT a South Africa national park?

A: Addo Elephant Park
B: Kruger National Park
C: Table Mountain National Park
D: Goreme National Park – Correct Answer


Question: What is the capital of Kenya?

A: Pretoria
B: Muscat
C: Nairobi – Correct Answer
D: Kisumu


Question: Which country surrounds Lesotho?

A: Botswana
B: Kenya
C: Italy
D: South Africa – Correct Answer


Question: What is the capital of Namibia?

A: Fes
B: Windhoek – Correct Answer
C: Dakar
D: Keetmanshoop

Asia Questions

Question: Hanoi is the capital of which country?

A: Cambodia
B: Laos
C: Thailand
D: Vietnam – Correct Answer


Question: Angkor Wat is an ancient temple located in Asia – Which country will you find it in?

A: Cambodia – Correct Answer
B: Thailand
C: Indonesia
D: Vietnam


Question: What is the capital of Nepal?

A: Agra
B: Pokhara
C: Kathmandu – Correct Answer


Question: What is the capital of Laos?

A: Pakse
B: Seoul
C: Vang Vieng
D: Vientiane – Correct Answer


Question: What is the capital of Maldives?

A: Huraa
B: Malé – Correct Answer
C: Kurendhoo
D: Gulhi


Europe Questions

Question: The Aruba Caribbean island is a territory of which country?

A: Portugal
B: The Netherlands – Correct Answer
C: France
D: Croatia


Question: What is the official name of the famous tower that forms part of London’s Houses of Parliament?

A: St Stephen’s Tower
B: Big Ben
C: Elizabeth Tower – Correct Answer
D: The Victoria Tower


Question: Which country are the Canary Islands part of?

A: France
B: Italy
D: Spain – Correct Answer


Question: How many countries connect to the Austrian border?

A: 6
B: 8 – Correct Answer
C: 10
D: 12


Question: The Baltic States refer to which countries?

A: Finland, Norway, Sweden
B: Poland, Czech Republic, Austria
C: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania – Correct Answer
D: Croatia, Slovenia, Italy


Question: What is the smallest country in Europe?

A: Andorra
B: Vatican City – Correct Answer
C: Liechtenstein
D: Monaco


Question: How many countries does the River Danube flow through?

A: 2
C: 10 – Correct Answer
D: 15


Question: What is the capital of Spain?

A: Barcelona
B: Seville
C: Madrid – Correct Answer
D: Málaga


Question: LOT is the national airline of which country?

A: Russia
B: Latvia
C: Serbia
D: Poland – Correct Answer


Question: The Spanish Steps are found in which city?

A: Rome – Correct Answer
B: Barcelona
C: Madrid
D: Lisbon


Question: What is the capital of Bulgaria?

A: Pernik
B: Varna
C: Plovdiv
D: Sofia – Correct Answer


Question: Bohemian Switzerland National Park is in which country?

A: Germany
B: Switzerland
C: Czech Republic – Correct Answer
D: France


Question: How many stars are there on the European Union flag?

A: 5
B: 7
C: 12 – Correct Answer
D: 20


Question: What is the capital of Poland?

A: Kraków
B: Gdańsk
C: Leipzig
D: Warsaw – Correct Answer


Question: What is the national language of Austria?

A: French
B: German – Correct Answer
C: Spanish
D: Italian


Question: Monaco is on the border of which country?

A: France – Correct Answer
B: Greece
C: Romania
D: Croatia


Question: The Eiffel Tower is a famous landmark you’ll find in which city?

A: Nice
B: Lisbon
C: Madrid
D: Paris – Correct Answer


Question: San Marino is a small landlocked country. Which country is it surrounded by?

A: Italy Correct Answer
B: Estonia
C: Latvia
D: Spain


Question: The Sagrada Familia is a famous basilica and has been in construction since 1882, but where is it?

A: São Paulo
B: Prague
C: Madrid
D: Barcelona – Correct Answer


Question: What is the name of the famous bridge that connects the Lesser Town (Malá Strana) to the Old Town in Prague?

A: Ponte Vecchio
B: Charles Bridge – Correct Answer
C: Brooklyn Bridge
D: Chapel Bridge


Question: There’s a castle in Romania that is famously connected to the Dracula novels. What is the name of it?

A: Bodiam Castle
B: Bran Castle – Correct Answer
C: Glamis Castle
D: Corvin Castle


Question: The Cube Houses is a unique landmark in the Netherlands. Which city will you find it?

A: The Hague
B: Amsterdam
C: Netherlands
D: Rotterdam – Correct Answer


Question: What is the name of the small country located between Austria and Switzerland?

A: Andorra
B: San Marino
C: Poland
D: Liechtenstein – Correct Answer


Question: What is the capital of Germany?

A: Cologne
B: Berlin – Correct Answer
C: Dresden
D: Hamburg


Question: The Eurostar connects which countries?

A: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
B: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria
C: UK, France, Belgium, NetherlandsCorrect Answer
D: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark


Question: Which of these countries doesn’t use the Euro (as its primary currency)?

A: UK – Correct Answer
B: Germany
C: Austria
D: Italy

Middle East Questions


Question: What is the capital of UAE?

A: Abu Dhabi – Correct Answer
B: Dubai
C: Sharjah
D: Doha


Question: Where in the Middle East will you find Petra?

A: Saudi Arabia
B: Jordan – Correct Answer
C: Egypt
D: Morocco


Question: What is the capital of Azerbaijan?

A: Kyiv
B: Baku – Correct Answer
C: Minsk
D: Beylagan


Question: Currently, the tallest building in the world the Burj Khalifa reaches heights of 830m – Do you know which city it’s in?

A: Moscow
B: Dubai – Correct Answer
C: Muscat
D: Doha


Question: What is the capital of Jordan?

A: Tel Aviv
B: Beirut
C: Amman – Correct Answer
D: Shobak


North America Questions

Question: How many provinces are there in Canada?

A: 5
B: 10 – Correct Answer
C: 15
D: 20


Question: How many Great Lakes make up “The Great Lakes of North America”?

A: 5 – Correct Answer
B: 6
D: 10


Question: What is the capital of Canada?

A: Toronto
B: Vancouver
C: Ottawa – Correct Answer
D: Halifax


Question: Which superhero movie was Niagara Falls used in?

A: Batman
B: Avengers
C: Fast and the Furious
D: Superman II – Correct Answer


Question: Peyto Lake is a stunning lake you’ll find in which country?

A: Croatia
C: Canada – Correct Answer
D: Japan


Question: In which USA national park will you find the Grand-Prismatic-Spring?

A: Arches
B: Yosemite
C: Yellowstone – Correct Answer
D: Glacier National Park

South America Questions

Question: Which two countries are the Iguazu Falls part of?

A: Ethiopia and Kenya
B: Switzerland and Italy
C: Brazil and Argentina – Correct Answer
D: Tanzania and Zambia


Question: Once part of an ancient empire, Machu Picchu is a popular landmark you’ll find in which country?

A: Bolivia
B: Ecuador
C: Burma
D: Peru – Correct Answer


Question: What is the capital of Chile?

A: Concepción
B: Bogota
C: Santiago – Correct Answer
D: Asunción


Question: Which South American city will you find the “Christ the Redeemer” monument?

A: Rio de Janeiro – Correct Answer
B: Santiago
C: Buenos Aires
D: Salvador

Question: What is the capital of Argentina?

A: Montevideo
B: Córdoba
C: Buenos Aires – Correct Answer
D: Santa Cruz

Oceania Questions

Question: Which of these cities ISN’T in New Zealand?

A: Canberra – Correct Answer
B: Wellington
C: Queenstown
D: Auckland


Question: Lake Wanaka is a natural landmark famous for the tree that sticks out from the water. Which country will you find it in?

A: Italy
B: Georgia
C: New Zealand – Correct Answer
D: Malaysia


Question: Uluru is a huge rock and landmark that you’ll find in which country?

A: Italy
B: Australia – Correct Answer
C: Madagascar
D: Brazil

Question: What is the capital of New Zealand?

A: Wellington – Correct Answer
B: Auckland
C: Christchurch
D: Queenstown


Question: Where are the Whitsunday Islands located?

A: Malaysia
B: Hawaii
C: Philippines
D: Australia – Correct Answer


Question: What is the capital of Australia?

A: Canberra – Correct Answer
B: Perth
C: Melbourne
D: Sydney

General Questions

Question: Which of these countries ISN’T landlocked?

A: Nepal
B: Azerbaijan – Correct Answer
C: Armenia
D: Austria


Question: Which of these is the tallest?

A: The Shard, London
B: Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo
C: Burj Khalifa, Dubai – Correct Answer
D: Ostankino Tower, Moscow


Question: What is the height of Everest?

A: 5,620m
B: 6,900m
C: 8,848m – Correct Answer
D: 12,65 m


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