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Vero – A New Beautiful Social Network You Should Try

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Vero is one of the latest platforms to join the world of social networks and is currently available on IOS and Android. I have recently started using it with great first impressions. On writing this post I have version 0.9.5 on Android which is still a beta version. As with all new software and platforms, there will be bugs, changes and lots happening.

What Vero has done right is get their name out there and produced a whole load of excitement over their new app. As of writing they already have over one million registered users in a very short amount of time.

For many users, it will feel like a new potentially better Instagram, where hopefully all the things that annoy us about that and other social media platforms won’t be repeated in Vero. So keep reading to learn more about Vero and consider signing up!

Visual layout and UI

To start with the user interface of Vero is beautiful and has been well designed. Throughout the app, there are beautiful soft colours which makes using the app very enjoyable. There are several sections worth mentioning in the UI including:

  • Feed/Stream – You click the “Vero” button top left to get to this and will see posts from anyone you follow or have connected with.
  • Search – Where you can search for people, hashtags etc.
  • Profile/Dashboard – Your main profile.
  • Collections – These are like filters where you can view different types of content such as photos, links, videos etc.
  • Notifications – To see what interaction has been happening on your account.
  • Chats – Private messaging via your connections (not followers).
Vero User Interface Screenshots
Vero User Interface Screenshots – Left: Profile/Dashboard | Middle: stream/posts | Right: Collections

Following and connecting

There are various ways you can follow or connect with others.

  • Follow – Assuming the setting is on then anyone can follow an account.
  • Acquaintance – Great for adding people you have worked with such as brands, but don’t want to have them as friends.
  • Friend – Those that you would consider friends.
  • Close Friend – Your closest friends which could include your family.

Why are these options so good?

By being able to have different connections you can have one profile but limit what you show to different people. For example, you could share personal stuff with your close friends and family through the “Close Friend” connection, general fun stuff through “Friend” connection, professional stuff through “Acquaintance” connections and anything you want to be fully open through the “Followers” option.

Sharing and Connections on Vero
Sharing and Connections on Vero

What can you share?

The Vero app allows you to share more than just photographs. You can also share links to web content, snippets from Apple Music, Movie trailers, info on Books, or Places. I haven’t used them all yet and have mainly been testing the “Photo” and “Link” options, however having the ability to share a whole range of content sounds very promising.

Creating posts on Vero
Creating posts on Vero

Tips for growing your following

I am fairly new to the app but these methods should all work to get your account up and running:

  • Introductions – This feature allows you to share an introduction type post, ie help promote each other. A very nice sociable feature.
  • Post frequently – You should post frequently and also use hashtags and locations.
  • Share your profile – Share your profile through the invite button which includes almost every type of sharing option.
  • Engage with others – A social network is nothing without interaction and engagement. Being part of this, enjoying the platform and engaging and you’ll be sure to benefit with followers and interactions coming your way.
Vero Inviting People
Inviting People

What I don’t recommend doing

  • Follow for Follow – I have already seen people doing this, but don’t do the “follow for follow” thing. Instead, follow people who you are interested in. You should aim to grow a natural and authentic following.
  • Buying followers – As with all apps, there will be ways to eventually buy followers. Avoid this! It’s tacky and bad for Social Media!

Improvements to wish for

At the time of writing here are a few things I hope Vero will introduce down the line.

  • Sharing links – not just a picture card.
  • Online web profiles – so that it’s easy to link to the page online.
  • Multiple profiles – so you can run multiple accounts.
  • Easy ways to repost content – Something that I wish Instagram would introduce.
  • Better suggested tags.
  • Ability to change publicity settings for published posts – It may be possible but wasn’t working for me.

Vero vs Instagram

Although Instagram is very well established and packed with features, there are a lot of people who are gradually getting more and more fed up with the platform. With the dreaded “Algorithm” many people now struggle to grow their accounts and don’t see people’s photographs who they probably do want to see. I also find a lot of people taking on techniques such as “Follow for Follow”, “Comment Groups” and other techniques to try and grow their interaction which I find sad that Instagram is making people resort to this. Although this statement may seem like I don’t like Instagram, I do, but I do hope they get their act together.

A big feature that I do love on Instagram is of course Stories which allow you to share so much more and it also comes with lots of fun features such as graphic overlays etc to make it very enjoyable to use. The Stories Feature is something that many would say was copied from Snapchat so I wouldn’t be surprised if Vero introduces a similar feature down the line.

Pricing and subscriptions

Vero has stated that there will be subscription pricing down the line. This is something that no other social media network has done and will likely be something that will determine how successful the app will be. I personally think that it will be tough to ask people to pay to use a social media app when no other network has done that before, but that’s just my opinion. Below is something from their manifesto page where they state this strategy:

“Unlike most of our competitors, Vero’s business model isn’t based on serving advertisements. As a subscription-based service, our users are our customers, not the product we sell to advertisers.

Our subscription model will allow us to keep Vero advertising-free, and to focus solely on delivering the best social experience instead of trying to find new ways to monetize our users’ behavior or tricking them back into the app with notifications.”


Vero has the potential to add a lot of value to social media and will hopefully add some great competition to Instagram, Facebook and other social networks that they definitely need. At the time of writing these are still early days for Vero so time will tell how well this app does.

Should you join? I would definitely say yes and see how it goes. You can also read about the app and more reasons to join on Please note that there will be bugs and performance issues as the app grows and becomes more established so bear this in mind.

Have you started using Vero yet and if so what do you think of it?


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