Five Ways to Capture Better Travel Photos of Yourself

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Taking an awesome travel photo of yourself (or a selfie) isn’t always that easy. You put your arm out but the picture is wonky, too close, or just darn rubbish. However, there are ways to take great photos of yourself which will give your friends travel envy, and may work perfectly for your social media accounts. Want some ideas? Here are five ways to capture better travel photos of yourself when you travel.

1. Use a Tripod

Starting with a travel tripod which is one of the best ways to take a good photo of yourself. Once you’ve found a good perspective and have set up your tripod and framing then position yourself and snap away. Use a 10-second timer when doing this, or if your camera allows then connect to your camera remotely through your phone.

Taking pictures of yourself with a tripod
Taking pictures of yourself with a tripod

2. Shoot from a Drone

A drone, such as the DJI Spark is the ultimate way to take a great travel selfie as you can pretty much get any angle you like. From eye level to a birdseye view. You can control drones using the remote allowing you to position the entire scene to precisely how you like, and should hopefully result in an epic photo. Of course whenever you use a drone make sure you’re not flying in an illegal zone, such as near an airport, or a location that may scare wildlife, or cause other issues. No matter how cool the shot might be it’s not worth it. The rules are there for a reason.

3. Ask a friend

If you’re travelling with a friend, then why not ask them to take the picture. It’s definitely worth explaining what you’re after, sometimes even getting them to stand in and you take a demo shot to show them. Getting friends to take photographs can be hit and miss, but if your friend is patient after you’ve checked the photo, if it’s not quite what you want, then you may be able to try again.

Taking travel pictures of yourself
Taking travel pictures of yourself

4. Use a Selfie Stick

Of course a Selfie Stick can also prove wonders when trying to capture photos of yourself when you travel. Get one that can extend quite far and that can connect to your phone and also has a button on the handle to press the shutter. Also try and use a wide angle attachment to capture as much of the scene as possible, or even consider using a GoPro which have super wide lenses built in.

Using a selfie stick - CC0 - Unsplash
Using a selfie stick

5. Ask a randomer

The final option is to ask a randomer. This is the least likely to be successful, but if you pick the right person, and set them up properly with what you want regarding the framing then you may get lucky. Although very hit and miss, this might be better than nothing should you not be able to do any of the other options.

One last note regarding asking a randomer is that be careful who you ask, ie will they run off with your camera? Generally asking another photographer with an SLR, a couple, or a family are normally safe.


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