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On this page you’ll find some stats and a little writeup on the performance of, as well as any changes that I may have made over the month. This is a fairly new addition so there isn’t tons of back data right now, but hopefully you’ll find it interesting should you want to work with me, or just want to learn a few of my techniques to help your blog or website. I’ll also be adding the latest month to the top on this page.

If you wanted to read about my techniques for running this blog head to:
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June 2018

Slight drop in uniques and pageviews in June compared to May. This is partly due to a few less social media story shares. However organic traffic grew slightly which is good. In July I have added a breadcrumb so hopefully that will help a little with more pageviews. I’ve also started using Tailwind so I’m hoping that’ll help a little with scheduling pins and hopefully getting more social traffic.

Number of New posts: 17
Average time spent on page: 00:03:24

May 2018June 2018Change
Uniques:41,33239,296 -5% decrease
Pageviews:61,50559,243 -4% decrease
Referrals: Organic31,99932,499 2% increase
Referrals: Social9,9437,17828% decrease


Behaviour Overview Screen


May 2018

May saw a slight increase in uniques and pageviews, a decrease in organic but an increase in social traffic. Over the course of the last month other updates I made includes changing the way my cookie notification and privacy policy work, as well as making other adjustments to try and comply with GDPR regulations.

Number of New posts: 23
Average time spent on page: 00:03:40

April 2018May 2018Change
Uniques: 38,60641,332 7% increase
Pageviews: 58,50561,505 5% increase
Referrals: Organic 32,71931,999 -2% decrease
Referrals: Social8,6689,94316% increase


Behaviour Overview Screen

May-2018-analytics-Behaviour Overview

April 2018

At the end of April I saw an increase in my domain authority up to 36/100. This is based on the new larger index on their link explorer as the old OSE version is being depreciated and no longer updated. This also reduces my spam score (finally) which had been bugging me as all the things on the OSE system that was saying I had done wrong, such as external links in the menu etc I’d fixed, yet they never updated the score.

In terms of new posts I had a great month and published 23 new articles. I eventually want new content to be published every day. Thanks to some great writers such as Nick who has been contributing multiple posts this has been helping a lot.

Below you will also find my average time spent on a page. I think that’s an interesting statistic and shows people are reading my content.

Number of New posts: 23
Average time spent on page: 00:03:45

March 2018April 2018Change
Uniques:37,293 38,606 4% increase
Pageviews:56,772 58,505 3% increase
Referrals: Organic 31,90932,719 3% increase
Referrals: Social 7,6458,66812% increase
Behaviour Overview Screen
April2018-analytics-Behaviour Overview

March 2018

March was similar to February and I only saw a slight increase in traffic from the previous months. My DA also stayed static. I did see a drop in social traffic but I expect this will be because in previous months I had some nice reposts from the tourism boards but didn’t have any of those in March. The number of posts I’ve been publishing also isn’t quite as high as I’d like. I ideally want to publish at least 20 per month so this is something I will work on in April to improve.

Number of New posts: 14

Feb 2018March 2018Change
Uniques:34,64737,293 8% increase
Pageviews:51,99756,772 9% increase
Referrals: Organic27,67931,909 15% increase
Referrals: Social9,2077,645 16% decrease

February 2018

February I didn’t have a huge increase in traffic compared to January, but I did see a slight gain despite having less days in the month. I also saw my DA increase to 32 and a nice 5% increase in unique traffic. I also wrote slightly less posts in February due to a big press trip and other tasks.

Number of New posts: 13

Jan 2018Feb 2018Change
Uniques:33,090 34,647 5% increase
Pageviews:51,45651,997 1% increase
Referrals: Organic24,68427,679 12% increase
Referrals: Social10,1749,207 7% decrease

January 2018

This month I saw a huge traffic increase of 52% Pageviews and Uniques. I’d been pretty busy working on increasing my internal linking and also writing tons of new content, so I imagine that has had a positive impact. I also had some good mentions on Facebook from Vienna and Estonia Tourism, which gave me at least 1200 referrals. I do also see a nice bump in organic traffic every few months, so I’m hoping Google has caught up with all my new content and inbound links and is ranking me better.

In January my DA unfortunately went down a point from 30 to 29. However despite the change in DA my traffic greatly increased. I then reviewed my links and realised that Moz wasn’t registering many of my follow links on high authority sites such as on (DA 68). Some of my inbound follow links have even been in place since July 2017. This has made me loose faith in Moz and I now believe in my original strategy, which is to work on producing high quality content that people find helpful, Google likes, ranks high, and therefore gives me real organic traffic.

Also It’s worth noting that I don’t expect these kind of increases every month. I would say my blog is still fairly new so I imagine that over time it will become more stable once I get to a certain point.

Number of New posts: 22

Dec 2017Jan 2018Change
Uniques:21,80933,09052% increase
Pageviews:33,94151,45652% increase
Referrals: Organic17,17824,68444% increase
Referrals: Social6,31410,17455% increase

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