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Update: Please note I am currently working full time in London so I won’t be taking on any new projects at this time. However, you can still view my stats below and other information from previous projects.

Would you like to work with me? I would love to hear from you… On this page you will find services that I offer as well as feedback from brands and clients I have worked with. You can also download my media kit. You may also be interested to read about me first.


Here you’ll find some of my recent stats. (Updated 22nd July 2018)

  • Website (June 2018)
    • Domain Authority of 37 (new Moz Link Explorer)
    • Page views: 59,243 (Uniques 39,296)
    • 55% Organic, 12% social, 33% other
    • Traffic comes from over 140 countries
    • Top 5 countries include UK, US, Canada, Austria and Germany

More stats: Website Stats and Monthly Reports 2018


Below are a few services that I offer. For my competitive prices please get in touch using the contact option above.


  • High-quality destination photography
    A selection of images based on the assignment for you to use for marketing, print, publishing of your business. Visit my photography portfolio to see examples of my destination pictures.
  • Hotel Photography
    Create new photographs of your hotel or refresh your current library. Visit Hotels-and-Resorts to see pictures in my portfolio.
  • Content Creation
    I will make content that you can use for social media and other purposes. Visit my photography portfolio to see examples of my pictures.
  • Photo licensing
    I have a large collection of professional travel photographs on my portfolio and provide various ways of licensing my images. Such as for advertisement and print use, or just web use. If you want to use my images for free on your website or blog post, this is also possible in exchange for credit and a link. Head to: High-Quality Travel Photographs – Licensing and Free Blog Use for more info.


  • Highly engaged promotion via social media – 
    Promote your brand, service or destination through my Instagram and social channels. Including dedicated posts, Instagram Stories and more. Stats at the top of this page.
  • Digital blog posts about your destination, hotel or service
    Posted on and shared across all my channels. Destination ExampleHotel Example. Stats at the top of this page.

Promotion and Content Creation

Social Media Management

  • Social Media Management and strategy consultation
    Managing your social media accounts on your behalf.
    Help and advice on how to improve your online social media presence and brand awareness.
  • Account Takeovers
    I can run your account for a certain amount of time using techniques that have grown my accounts. If you have a destination account I could post my own pictures which get high engagement, or I can post pictures that are tagged or you have permission to post. Here is the the first picture I posted during a takeover for Czech Tourism. Example post – Head to their account to view the rest of the images I posted during the takeover.

Website and Other

    • Guest posting
      Guest post on your blog or website. Read more.
    • Brand Ambassadorship
      Representing your brand via social media, trips and on This could include mentioning your brand on Instagram and social media posts, having a banner on my website and other possible features.
    • Sponsored posts on this website
      Paid according to word count with a ‘nofollow’ link included (as per Google recommendations). I will only write posts linking to legitimate Travel and Tourism brands. No gambling sites etc.
    • Banner Advertisements on this website
      Advertisements banners with a link to your brands website. The banner would be in the right sidebar which is shown on almost every post on this site. I will only provide banners for brands that are travel and tourism-related so no gambling sites etc. Packages can be 1 month, 3 month or 6 months with longer durations being better value. UTM codes can also be attached to the banner links.
    • WordPress management services
      This is where I help with your WordPress requirements such as configuring and posting your content, keeping your WordPress and plugins up to date and much more. For more info visit: Services – WordPress Management
    • Instagram shoutouts
      I can promote your travel product or service via Instagram Stories. For more info head to Services – Instagram Shoutouts

Do you have any other ideas on what I could do for you? Please get in touch!

Previous Experience and Testimonials

Blog post: Hotels – Westin in Zagreb – Example Instagram Stories:Instagram Stories from Westin Zagreb

Gastein Tourism-Logo
Gastein Tourism
What I did?
I visited the Gastein area of Austria during the winter to experience what it was like during that season. This included snowboarding the various ski areas in Gastein, seeing some of the seasonal events such as “Art on the Snow”, as well as visiting some of the restaurants in Bad Gastein and up the mountains. I then wrote a blog post about my experience and also shared pictures via my various social channels.

A comment from Gastein Tourism
First of all I would like to thank Mike for his great effort. We have never ever had a blogger who works as accurate as Mike did. It was great to see how interested he was in the area and the people. He explores a lot on his own to get good pictures and a feeling for the region. Mike is not only a great writer, he is furthermore a fantastic photographer. I hope we get the opportunity to continue working with him in future.”
Gastein Tourism
Blog Post: Winter Sports in Gastein, Austria – Instagram posts: Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3
Tallinn Tourism
What I did?
I visited Tallinn in the winter and experienced many of the things to do in the city such as visiting museums, the city walls, ancient towers and other tourist attractions. I dined in various restaurants throughout the city and afterwards wrote a blog post and shared my experience with my followers on social media.

A comment from Tallinn Tourism
“We really enjoyed working with Mike! He is an amazing content creator and also communicating with him is really easy. Mike wrote a great blog post and did lovely photos of Tallinn – our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter fans just loved them! Summary Tallinn is waiting for you!”
Tallinn Tourism
Austria Tourism
What I did?
I took pictures of the Christmas markets in Vienna and Salzburg often from special non-public accessible viewpoints.I promoted Austria as a destination to visit for a wonderful festive experience through my social media channels.Austria Tourism were provided with some images they could use to promote Austria as a destination.

A comment from Austria Tourism
“Through our Instagram-account @visitaustria we started communicating with Mike last year. We were very happy to help him gaining access to some shooting-spots and making connections in Vienna and Salzburg, so far. He returned the favour by providing a great number of absolutely stunning pictures, which we are using on several channels. With great pleasure, we will help out this talented and empathetic young man in the future!
Thank you!”
Austria Tourism
Instagram posts: Example 1 | Example 2Example 3
Northern Hikes
What I did?
I went on a tour with Northern Hikes to experience Bohemian Switzerland National Park and the tour packages that they offer. During the tour I would share pictures via social media and then afterwards I wrote a blog post for my site and also wrote a guest blog post for Northern Hikes.

A comment from the Northern Hikes
“At Northern Hikes we cooperate very closely with influencers. Mike is one of the greatest professionals we had a pleasure of working with. I highly appreciated his enthusiasm for work, creativity and reliability. He delivered everything on time and the communication was very smooth. His photos are very authentic, engaging and work very well on social media, especially on our Instagram. Mike also wrote a really nice tailored guest post for us. We got big exposure from this experience and had a great return on investment from the campaign with him. We definitely want to continue cooperation with him.”
Marketing Specialist from Northern Hikes
Czech Tourism
What I did?
I visited Prague, Bohemian Switzerland and Cesky Krumlov to promote and create content for these various destinations in the Czech Republic. I had specific blog posts such as the one below, as well as picture deliverables.

A comment from the Northern Hikes
“It was a great please to work with Mike. His delivery of new content was beyond our expectation. Overall we were very happy with our collaboration and we look forward to our next projects to work together..”
Jan, Czech Tourism

Blog post: Czech Republic and the Last 100 Years – 
Example Instagram posts: Example 1
Example 2

Luxury Collection Logo The Luxury CollectionWhat I did?
I had a tour and experienced what it was like to stay at the Hotel Imperial Vienna and then wrote a blog post and shared Instagram stories and pictures to my followers to show them what the hotel was like. 

A comment from the Hotel Imperial Vienna
It was a great pleasure to work with Mike, especially as he is so professional, generous and reliable. His pictures are stunning and generated amazing numbers of likes on our Social Media Channels. Furthermore, we enjoyed reading his great blog story about the Hotel Imperial and hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with him soon again. “
Daniela Stoppel
PR & Communications Manager
Hotel Imperial, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Vienna
Sheraton Hotels Logo
Sheraton Hotels
What I did?
The Sheraton Grand London Park Lane recently had a large multi-million pound renovation. I was invited to come and see the new design and experience what it was like to stay in the hotel. In return, I posted some images from my experience on social media and also wrote a blog post.

A comment from Sheraton Grand London Park Lane

“Great blog. I have to say I have met many bloggers in the past 5 years or so and I found you one of the most professional I’ve met. Great attention to detail that shows in your posts!” Kieran – Hotel Manager

Blog post: Luxury in London: The Sheraton Grand London Park Lane – Example Instagram post: Example 1
and Example 2
Shangri-La Hotels
What I did?
I enjoyed a stay at the Shangri-La At The Shard Hotel in London and a meal at Ting restaurant. I then provided an opinion of what it’s like to stay at the Shangri-La At The Shard through my social channels, including this blog, my Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Westin Hotels Logo Westin HotelsWhat I did?
I stayed at the Westin Hotel in Zagreb and shared my experience through my social media channels, including posting Instagram Stories, pictures to my feed and providing images that Westin could use on their own channels.
Luxury Collection Logo The Luxury CollectionWhat I did?
I stayed at the Prince de Galles in Paris and shared images to my Instagram account, as well as created a blog post writing about my experience. On top of this, I helped create content for The Luxury Collection to use to provide information to guests. This experience was organised through

Links and References


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