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We understand and care about the importance of making online content as accessible as possible for everyone. In recent times we’ve been working hard to improve sections of our site using guidelines from WCAG and are constantly trying to improve areas that we’ve missed or could be better.

Accessibility best practices are something which I (Mike who runs the site) is still learning so please bear with me, or alternatively, feel free to let me know if you come across anything that causes you difficulties and I’ll try my best to help or make improvements.

How accessible is this website?

  • You should be able to zoom into the content by 300% without any issues.
  • Most of the content should be navigational using just your keyboard (please note some issues below).
  • The majority of the content should be accessible using screen readers. We will be aiming to make it completely accessible to screen readers if there are areas we’ve missed.
  • We are trying to design the site with people with visual difficulties in mind, such as ensuring colour contrast is sufficient, adding plenty of space between content elements, and adhering to other best practices.

Known issues

  • We need to improve keyboard navigation on our accordions, read more sliders and some other features of our site that were developed without keyboard navigation in mind, such as on our quiz pages. We will aim to improve these in the near future to make them more accessible and apologize if anyone has had issues thus far.
  • Some icons and decorative content may be missing the appropriate HTML elements and attributes which may cause some difficulties with screenreaders.
  • Some embedded video content may not have subtitles support.

If you come across any content that you can’t access, then please get in touch and we’ll convert the content (apart from video content) into a PDF and send across to you (personal use only).

Our commitment to making this site accessible

We are committed to making this site accessible for all and will constantly be trying to improve and adhere to WCAG guidelines.

Feedback and contact information

Please contact us using our form on our contact page if you have any feedback or need any further assistance.