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Europe has some of the best destinations in the world. Ranging from cities with rich history, beautiful beach destinations, areas with breathtaking landscapes, incredible ski resorts and so much more.

Through this section of the website you’ll be able to find posts on European destinations. Some of these posts are detailed city break guides, which help you plan a trip to a city, and provide ideas on things to see and do, suggestions on places to eat, where to stay, photography tips and more.

You’ll also find some posts with ideas, such as cities that are extremely photogenic, and destinations that are very romantic. For some destinations, we have picture-based posts, which show you photographs to give you an idea of what to expect, as well as a little bit of information on the destination.

Finally towards the end you’ll find links to posts that provide travel tips. Such as for your first time travelling in Europe, how to plan a multi-destination trip and how to save money whilst travelling.

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Europe map

Here you can use the interactive map to select a destination in Europe:

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Countries to visit in Europe

Here are the countries in Europe that we currently have posts for. Select the country and you’ll be directed to our posts on that destination. Alternatively, use the dropdown which will quickly take you to the respective country.

Europe travel and destination articles

Here are some of our recent Europe articles you may like:

Europe inspiration

Here are our general posts on Europe. These are designed to give you ideas and inspiration on places you should visit, such as for a romantic break, or photography trip, or just general places that are worth visiting.

Articles with Europe travel tips

Below you will find some of our travel tips that apply to Europe. Such as planning a complex multi-destination trip, how to save money whilst travelling and more.

Europe multi-destination trip ideas

Below you will find some ideas on multi-destination trips throughout Europe.

Western Europe countries

Below are countries that are considered part of Western Europe. You can click through to most of them to discover more about them and read articles and learn highlights.

Start booking

Below are some options to help you find accommodation and top activities for your trip. Also see our page with suggestions of where to book your travel.



Here is a map to start searching for accommodation. You can use the filters to adjust the destination and narrow down your search. Also visit our book places to stay page as well for a bigger map and other suggestions.

Tours and activities for Europe

Here are some tours that you might find for Europe. Click the blue button or head to our things to do page where you can use our tool to search and see many more options and to adjust your search.

If you’d like to search through all our destinations from around the world you can do this using our interactive map or by country on our page: All Travel Destinations