Aims and Objectives

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I started this website (or TAD for short) for many reasons and in this post I will tell you why I started it, as well as aims and objectives for what I hope to achieve over time.

Why I started this website?

Before this blog I had travelled for many years and was sharing some of my pictures on Instagram, but that was pretty much it. I was then getting messages from my followers and other people asking me questions, such as tips and information on places I’ve been, or questions on photography. I was also encouraged by my friend Andreas to start a travel blog which resulted in the creation of

Why the name?

Actually the name is something I wish was more unique and interesting. I used to always called myself “Mike – Travel and Destinations” on Instagram as I was sharing pictures from so many different places. So when searching for the domain name ( I saw it was available and went for it. I guess although I do wish I had a really cool blog name such as HappyToWander, HandLuggageOnly, etc I do think the one I have is good for search engines and branding, as it’s immediately clear what this website is about, ie Travel and Destinations.

What are my Aims and objectives?

My long-term objectives are to create as much high quality content, covering as many places around the world as possible. All of which will help people travel and hopefully provide them the answers they want when they search on Google. When producing content I try and write detailed posts, use nice pictures, suggest great destinations and experiences, and try and make the posts easy and enjoyable to read.

It’s also worth noting that I am trying to make this a long-term project. So you will see advertisements on the site, but I try not to put too many, as ultimately I want readers to have a great experience and find the answers they are looking for. The advertisements provide income that I then re-invest into this website, travel more often and ultimately provide more content to my readers.

Guest posts and contributions

Although most of the content on Travel and Destinations is going to be written by me (Mike Clegg), I have and do take guest posts. I am pretty strict on the content and have various guidelines for contributions. However, I have felt it would probably be impossible for me to cover all destinations that my readers want to read about so I am hoping to have a lot more contributions down the line. If you are a strong writer and would consider yourself extremely knowledgeable about a travel or destination subject please feel free to get in touch.

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