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Sophie Van Der Meulen

Sophie is a digital nomad from the Netherlands. After studying Linguistics and working for a couple of years, she got bored and traded the rain in the Netherlands for a backpacking trip through Southeast Asia. During that time she realized she didn’t want to go back to an office job but to keep exploring instead. She now travels around the world while working remotely as a writer and translator. Through her writing, she gets to share her passion for travel as well as her experiences as a woman on the road.

Sophie has a serious case of wanderlust and is hooked on the freedom and adventure of solo travel. Instead of planning her trips, she likes to go out on a whim and see where life takes her. Her travel style is slow and on a limited budget, to experience as much of the “local life” as possible. She loves to explore new places by getting a little lost and discovering hidden gems. Her other big passion is food and she’s determined to try every strange or exotic new dish she’s offered.

  • Home country: Netherlands
  • Her favourite country: Laos
  • Her favourite cuisine: Italian
  • Places on her wishlist: Antarctica, New Zealand, Mexico, Georgia, Jordan

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| @justheadingout

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