Interview – with Landscape and Hotel Photographer Zechian Kang

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In this post I have interviewed landscape and professional hotel photographer Zechian Kang who tells us a little bit about his photography and what he does. I hope you enjoy!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a published landscape and hotel photographer, navigating my way around this increasingly competitive professional field. After graduating from university and spending a month working in an office, I felt the urge to seek a greater purpose in life; something self-fulfilling rather than bringing in revenue for someone else to jet off to exotic locations. In other words, I had never intended to pursue photography professionally but began to do so due to circumstantial reasons

What do you like most about photography?

That is a really difficult question! I would have to be blatantly dishonest if I were to have to identify a single aspect of photography that appeals to me most. Disregarding all factors not directly related to the craft itself, I would say that the rather liberal scope of artistic expression generally accepted by the majority is certainly something that I appreciate. The narrow margin of error that you can get away with technically while on-site, is another point that keeps the job constantly challenging, and personally, I find this intellectually fulfilling.

When taking professional hotel photographs, what things do you think are really important?

The single piece of advice that I can offer anyone looking to pursue hotel photography seriously, barring technical and artistic issues, is the importance of understanding and managing your client’s expectations right from the beginning.

The saying “It’s all in the details” definitely applies to hotel photography. How important do you think the details are?

Needless to say, details are the single most important artistic aspect of photography. With so much information about photography and editing techniques available on the internet, and with DSLR’s becoming increasingly affordable to many, details in any field of photography is what distinguishes an amateur from a professional. Almost anyone can produce a balanced, beautiful photo, but fewer can produce one which truly evokes genuine emotions.

Do you have any tips for taking beautiful hotel photographs such as yours?

To keep things short, it is important to shoot multiple shots from different angles and heights and choose the one you prefer. One of them would probably eventually be good enough.

You also like taking landscape images, don’t you? Could you tell us more and show us one of your favourite images? 

This is, in fact, my current area of focus. I have recently begun concentrating on building my landscape portfolio, it does take a lot of time and money, but the experiences are invaluable. I am currently also looking for collaboration opportunities to jointly host landscape workshops.

Which destinations have you enjoyed visiting the most so far?

That’s another really tough question, and coincidentally, also one that I often get asked. The answer is entirely subjective and impossible to answer. Fortunately, I have yet to travel to a place that I would later regret visiting. Each destination has its charm and unique character, and most importantly, each of them offers a different experience; something meaningful that you can take along with you for the rest of your life. I have probably discovered and learned more through travelling than through any other medium.

Which destinations are on your bucket list?

I plan to visit Japan, New Zealand, Argentina and Chile in the foreseeable future.

Anything exciting planned for 2017 that we should look forward to? 

I am currently in Siberia on a landscaping expedition. The trip will take me to Lake Baikal and around the Altai region, all the way to the steppes which borders Mongolia. I guess this is probably the single most exciting trip that I have planned for this year.

Please could you share a few of your shots?


Zechian profile

Ze Chian Kang


Zechian is a full-time landscape and hotel photographer with a deep-rooted passion for the outdoors. On a quest to experience the world, he never seizes to explore rarely visited destinations.

Facebook: zechianphotography

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Thanks so much Zechian for showing us some of your work and telling us more about you.

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