Travel Blogging: 5 Things You Should Do After Publishing a New Blog Post

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After publishing a new blog post you should do various things to ensure your new content looks good, and that people can find and read it. Here are 5 things you should do straight after you hit that publish button on a new blog post.

1. Double check the article published ok

It may sound obvious, but one of the first things to do straight after publishing is to check the article looks ok. It’s one final check before you leave it to the world.

As well as the desktop view you should also check the mobile view. For example, in case you added HTML elements that didn’t format properly. This has caused problems for me in the past with tables being too wide for a mobile screen.

Here are a few things to check once you’ve published:

  • The blog post looks good on desktop
  • There isn’t any issues on mobile
  • The URL is what you wanted. As sometimes you may change the title during your draft but forget to update the URL
  • Your title is correctly capitalised.
  • Any affiliate links have a sponsored and nofollow tag

2. Share your article through social media

Next, you should share your blog post through social media. This will help create exposure of your article and hopefully target readers that are interested in the content.

Some of the best places to share your article on social media include:

  • Pinterest – For consistent long term traffic
  • Instagram Stories – Once you get big enough Instagram can be a powerful tool for getting targeted traffic
  • Facebook – Not the easiest to get traffic from, but awesome if your page gets big enough
  • – A new platform built by the creators of Stumble Upon

3. Add internal links

As part of your overall blogging strategy, you should ensure you have links between articles in your site. Such as on pages that are related. This helps create site structure, generate more pageviews and keep your audience more engaged. Generally you will have a cornerstone page, which will have subpages linking to it. So once you have published, think about which of your existing pages could link to this page and then go and update those pages.

Linking between content - CC0 (Pixabay)
Linking between content

4. Create further scheduled pins using Tailwind

To generate further exposure of your site you can use Tailwind, which allows you to schedule pins to various boards automatically. It works out the best time to pin for maximum engagement and provides lots of other streamline functionality. It also comes with helpful analytics and suggestions on how to improve your Pinterest account and benefit more from the platform.

5. Add your blog post to a log

A log of your blog posts is a great way to keep track of various stats, where you’ve shared the post and other useful information. You can see a screen grab of mine below.

As your website develops and you have more and more content, then this log will help you track all your posts. On my spreadsheet, I track all the social media accounts I’ve shared on, number of shares and lots more information.

Logging new blog posts in an excel document
Logging new blog posts in an excel document


By doing these five things straight after publishing your blog post, it will help you get maximum exposure, and also allow you to be confident that your post is working properly for your readers.


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