7 Fun Day Out Ideas for Families This Summer

If you are dreading the summer holidays and would like to plan your days out and vacations ahead, you may feel that you have a huge task ahead. First, you need to know that most places will be full during the summer, as this is the time when most families schedule their programs. Second, you … Continue Reading

Staying in Hostels – What’s It Like?

Staying in hostels definitely isn’t for everyone, but can be a great way to travel and actually brings lots of benefits, as well as a few things you may not like. Below you will find some key features of hostels based on my personal experience. Not all of these apply to every hostel, so make sure … Continue Reading

Important Things to Do Before You Travel (With a Downloadable Checklist)

Being a bit more organised and checking various things before you travel can ensure you have a good start to your  trip. Here are some of the essential things you should do before you travel. You’ll also find a downloadable and printable checklist towards the end. Check flight times and the terminal The day before … Continue Reading

Easy Ways to Avoid Excessive Luggage Fees

Getting to the airport, checking in, and then being told your luggage is over the allowed limit and that you need to pay a fee, is not something anybody wants. These fees can be excessive and are often more than if you pre-booked before arriving. This can result in unnecessary stress, you may go over … Continue Reading

How to Find the Best Things to Do When Travelling

Most people that travel want to return feeling they had a great time and made the most of their trip. The success of a trip might be based on what you were hoping to achieve, but also by what you ended up seeing and doing. In this post I will tell you some of the … Continue Reading

7 Top Tips to Promote Good Health When Travelling

Partnering a new adventure with a durable immune system and tranquil mind can make a trip all the more enjoyable. By promoting healthy habits throughout a holiday, the risk of falling victim to an illness can be lessened, leaving time aside to soak in new exciting experiences. To achieve this, various health tactics can be … Continue Reading

Travel Tips For Your First Group Holiday with Friends

Travelling with friends can be an awesome experience where you get away with your closest buddies and have some of the most memorable experiences of your life. There can also be lots of benefits to travelling with friends vs travelling solo, such as group deals, being able to look after each other, sharing experiences and … Continue Reading

Timeshare: The Secret to Luxurious Travel on a Less-Than-Luxurious Budget

Often misconstrued as something outdated that would have been most popular in the 80s or 90s, timeshare is a term that few travellers or vacationers know much about these days. However, you might be surprised to know that timeshares are thriving and alive, with new destinations added on a daily basis worldwide. But, what are … Continue Reading

Long Airport Layovers – Ideas of Things to Do

Sometimes the cheapest way to travel, or the only route to your destination is to get connecting flights. The time you have between flights is called a layover and can range from a very short amount of time (ie less than an hour), to multiple hours (or much longer). Long airport layovers can be a … Continue Reading

Tips for Visiting Expensive Destinations on the Cheap

It can be hard and sometimes off-putting to visit destinations that are known for being expensive. But there is normally a way to visit most places with a low budget and without breaking your bank account. Below you will find various tips for visiting expensive destinations on the cheap, and although you won’t be having … Continue Reading