Discover Six Top Copenhagen Attractions With the Copenhagen Card

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With its centuries-old history intertwined with a super sustainable modern lifestyle, Copenhagen stands as the second most livable city in the world and a pioneer in sustainable living. Renowned for its bike-friendly infrastructure, it offers many attractions that can be best explored through the convenience of the Copenhagen Card.

The Copenhagen Card is a popular tourist pass, granting free admission to a wide array of attractions and museums in the city, along with complimentary public transportation within the Copenhagen region, including transit to the airport.

The card offers flexibility with durations ranging from 24 to 120 hours, allowing visitors to choose the best option. It can be conveniently purchased online and activated using a generated code. Scan the barcode of your digital Copenhagen Card at each attraction and present it to transport authorities when required.

Below are six of the most popular attractions of Copenhagen included in the Copenhagen card:

1. The Canal Cruise

A canal cruise provides a unique perspective on the city’s beauty. Drifting along the serene canals, you’ll be treated to views of iconic landmarks, charming architecture, and vibrant waterfront scenes. The leisurely pace of the cruise allows for a relaxed experience, enabling you to appreciate the surroundings fully. The narrated commentary adds depth to your journey, sharing intriguing anecdotes and facts.

The two-hour cruise covers major historical and architectural attractions, guiding you through interesting neighbourhoods and picturesque bridges.

One of the highlights of the canal cruise is spotting the famous Little Mermaid statue, an iconic symbol of Copenhagen’s maritime heritage.

Boat Tours in Copenhagen
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2. Amalienborg Palace

Serving as the current residential palace of the Danish royals, Amalienborg consists of four identical rococo-style palaces surrounding an impressive octagonal courtyard. While only a portion of the palace is open to the public due to its status as an active royal residence, witnessing the ceremonial changing of the guards, which occurs every noon in front of the palace, is an absolute must.

Amalienborg Palace Copenhagen
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3. Christiansborg Palace

The Danish Parliament, the Supreme Court, and the Ministry of State are all accommodated within this magnificent palace. With great political significance, it was once the royal residence and now boasts an extensive collection of art, historical portraits, sculptures, and queens’ tapestries.

The Royal Stables and The Royal Kitchens are also part of the complex, allowing visitors to delve into the fascinating world of Danish royalty.

Do not miss the exhibit of queen tapestries inside the Great Hall of the palace.

Read more about Christiansborg Palace.

Royal Reception Rooms, Christiansborg Palace
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4. The Round Tower

Located near the bustling shopping area of Strøget Street, the Round Tower was originally an astronomical observatory. However, today, this spiral hollow building offers some of the best vantage points to admire the city’s breathtaking views.

In addition to its magnificent panoramas, the tower also houses the Library Hall, a charming space filled with books, exhibitions, and art installations, providing an opportunity to appreciate the cultural aspect of the tower.

Views from the Round Tower in Copenhagen
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5. Danish Architecture Centre

The Danish Architecture Centre serves as a hub for understanding sustainable building practices in Denmark and around the world. It showcases the architectural history of Denmark, from the Viking Age to modern times. Take the chance to experience the DAC Slide, a thrilling art installation that takes you on a 40-meter, 4-story spiral slide designed to challenge your senses.

6. Tivoli Gardens

With a history spanning 180 years, Tivoli Gardens is a venerable amusement park and a good place to hang out in the evening with family and children.

It offers a wide range of attractions to all. Thrill-seekers can indulge in roller coasters, while those seeking a gentler experience can enjoy the charm of carousel rides, Japanese gardens and live shows. Special events like Halloween and Christmas bring an extra touch of magic, with fireworks displays and festive decorations creating a fairytale-like atmosphere.

Be sure to explore the park’s iconic wooden roller coaster, dating back to 1914, and take a moment to admire the beauty of the Japanese gardens. Amidst all the fun, Tivoli Gardens also boasts excellent restaurants, offering diverse culinary delights to recharge your energy.

Chinese Temple at Tivoli Gardens
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Copenhagen Card – Helpful tips

Here are a few helpful tips to make to make the most of the Copenhagen Card:

  • Plan your itinerary: Before activating your Copenhagen Card, take some time to plan your itinerary and decide which attractions and museums you would like to visit. The card offers free admission to a wide range of places, so prioritise the ones that interest you the most and make a rough schedule.
  • Check opening hours: Ensure you check the opening hours of the attractions you plan to visit. Some museums and sites may have specific opening times or be closed on certain days. Planning lets you make the most of your Copenhagen Card and avoid disappointments.
  • Activate the card strategically: The Copenhagen Card becomes active when you generate the code and use it for the first time at an attraction. Consider activating the card strategically to align with your planned visits.
  • Use public transportation: The Copenhagen Card includes free public transport within the Copenhagen region, including buses, trains, and metro and harbour buses. Take advantage of this benefit to easily move around the city and reach your desired attractions. It’s a convenient and cost-effective way to explore Copenhagen.
  • Be prepared with your digital card: Ensure your digital Copenhagen Card is readily available on your smartphone. Scan the barcode at each attraction or show it to transport authorities when requested. Having your digital card easily accessible will save you time and ensure a smooth experience. IOS App | Android App
  • Enjoy additional discounts: Besides free admission, the Copenhagen Card offers discounts on selected tours, activities, and restaurants. Look at the list of partner establishments and see if there are any other experiences you’d like to enjoy or dining options you’d like to try. It’s a great way to enhance your visit and maximise the card’s benefits.
  • Check for special events: Watch for any special events or exhibitions during your visit to Copenhagen. Some attractions may have temporary exhibits or unique experiences you wouldn’t want to miss. Take advantage of your Copenhagen Card to access these special events if they are included.


In addition to the popular attractions on the Copenhagen card, if you have more time to explore places beyond the card and the cliché sites, you must visit the Copenhill, an innovative waste-to-energy plant with a rooftop ski slope, providing an experience that combines sustainability and recreation.

Walk across the vibrant streets of Stroget, Vesterbro, Norrebro, and Osterbro neighbourhoods. Each area has charm, showcasing the city’s diversity and creative energy through trendy shops, cafes, and captivating street art.

Copenhagen is renowned for its culinary excellence, boasting numerous Michelin-starred restaurants; indulge in Nordic cuisine’s flavours and dishes, and visit the harbour baths for a refreshing swim and breath-taking waterfront views. All these experiences will add a different perspective of this Scandinavian capital that is equally historical and modern.

Tours and activities for Copenhagen

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