Best Things to Do in Dubai With Families

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Dubai, the most famous and well-known destination of the UAE, and perhaps the whole of the middle east, is known for its glitz and glamour. However, in recent years it has also made itself a beacon for family adventures. From beautiful gardens to adventurous waterparks, there is something for everyone from everywhere to enjoy.

Whilst there is enough indoor entertainment to visit during the sweltering summer months, the peak time for Dubai tourism is from November to March. During this time, the temperature drops to a comfortable enough level to enjoy daytime outdoor activities without risking sunstroke or overheating.

One of the major plus points for Dubai is its cosmopolitan nature. It has a unique blend of people from all over the world that call it home. This has had a profound effect on the local culture and cuisine, ensuring that no matter what your interests and hobbies, you will find something for you.

If you’re looking to take a trip to Dubai with the kids in tow, read on for the best things to do in Dubai for families.

1. Spend a day at Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

With over 100 slides and 1km of beautiful private beach with pristine water, this is the world’s largest waterpark. Here you can experience unique bucket list adventures such as the world’s deepest aquatrek, meeting and swimming with dolphins, and surfing like a professional on the Wave Rider. In addition, there are exceptional overnight experiences that can make this stay a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all the family.

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2. Experience a desert safari

Whilst heartstopping desert dune rides may not be suitable for all ages, you can experience the desert in a family-friendly package. You can drive through comfortably, and older children can try out quad biking and sandboarding too. There is nothing like the unpolluted desert sky, and stargazing in the desert can be a mesmerising experience. An overnight stay is a must for outdoorsy families, and there are plenty of luxury options for those who do not want to sacrifice comfort.

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Jeeps in Dubai Desert
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3. Take a trip to Legoland® Dubai

Legoland Dubai has everything a child needs to keep busy. With opportunities for building and creating, as well as rides and attractions, it has something for children of all ages. In addition, kids under 3 go free. If you are in Dubai in the summer, then it is a great way to spend time during the day before venturing out in the cooler evenings.


4. Spend a few hours at Miracle Garden

The miracle garden is open during the peak outdoor season. You can enjoy the stunning flower displays in full bloom and breathe in otherworldly floral scents. There are some amazing attractions here including the floating lady, an Emirates A380, Lake Park, Smurfs Village, and more. There is enough to enjoy for adults and children alike, and visiting the Miracle Garden will be well worth your time.

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Dubai Miracle Garden
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5. Book a visit to The Green Planet

The Green Planet is just another example of what wealth and vision can achieve when combined. It is an enchanting indoor rainforest with several thousand plants and animals that make up this unique environment. The experience will give you a taste of the tropics within a bio-dome in the heart of the desert city. There are usually a number of naturistic activities available for young ones to participate in and so you can sit back and be assured that they will be learning through the whole experience.

6. Enjoy some delicious international cuisine

There is no shortage of delicious food in Dubai. From the fine dining restaurants in top city hotels to the street food markets and food courts of the shopping malls, there really is the best of international cuisine available here. Vegan and vegetarian options are also available in abundance, and dessert shops are dazzling with mouthwatering options on display to tantalise anyone’s taste buds. In addition, for a taste of authentic Arab cuisine and hospitality, you can also experience desert dining through one of the desert safari tours.

7. Enjoy the Dubai Fountain at Burj Khalifa

The benefits of sensory stimulation for young children is well known, and for this reason alone, it is worth spending time at the Dubai Fountain at Burj Khalifa. This stunning water, musical and light display has thousands of lights and colour projections. The captivating display can be enjoyed as an interactive water and light experience by children who will love this simple and yet beneficial opportunity to engage their surroundings.

Dubai Fountain Show
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8. Experience Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is a top activity for anyone that loves winter sports and offers a fun-filled experience for all the family. With numerous ski slopes, a snow cinema and a snow park, you can expect to be completely entertained and tired out for the day. Skiing is a great daytime activity, and a day on the slopes followed by a relaxing evening meal can be the perfect day.

9. Museum of Illusions

When it comes to leading art museums, the Museum of Illusions Dubai is at the forefront. It is a fabulous experience for all the family. The optical illusions, anti-gravity rooms as well as the rotated room, will all have you questioning everything you know about your senses and the world around you. There is also a smart playroom to engage little ones, and the whole experience offers a unique activity to do as a family.

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10. Immerse yourself in imaginative play at KidZania Dubai

Literally, a dream come true for kids, KidZania is 7000 sq metres of a city replica with numerous role playing opportunities for young children. It is an amazing place to watch your children become engrossed in imaginative play, leaving behind screen time for the day. At this place, children will learn through play, which is ideal at any age.

11. Take a trip to Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

When it comes to top activities with kids, very little can compete with aquariums and zoos. This underwater zoo is home to over 140 aquatic species and is a stunning insight into the underwater world. For animal enthusiasts and for those who love to learn, the experience will be fascinating and is another great indoor option on days when the weather is too hot for outdoor exploration.

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Dubai Aquarium
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12. Burn off some steam at Bounce UAE

There are few children who don’t enjoy jumping and most parents will attest to never-ending bounces on the bed before sleep. In this light, Bounce Dubai is yet another childhood dream. With wall-to-wall trampolines, climbing contraptions and activity challenges, it is a great place to let the kids loose to burn some energy.


There really is no opportunity for boredom in Dubai. It is a place designed to thrill and entertain and it is easy to see why it is a top attraction for families. From museums to imaginative play, waterparks and amusement centres, there is something to stimulate the kids mentally and physically, giving the parents ample opportunity to sit back and enjoy the holiday with their family.

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