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Faz is a well-travelled mum of two from the UK who is currently based in, Amman, Jordan. Her writing is influenced by her travels across the Middle East and Africa, as well as her expat life in several countries around the world. When she’s not writing, Faz is busy trying to stay sane running around with her toddler and baby!.

Education and Experience

Faz was born and brought up in the North West of England. Being Muslim, and ethnically Indian, she has a rich heritage which she believes influences her writing and outlook on life. She graduated with first-class undergraduate and master’s degrees in Arabic and Arabic translation and is an enthusiast for all things linguistic and cultural.

Faz has always been passionate about writing and consistently achieved top grades throughout her academic career. She is also a budding self-published fiction author on Amazon. Faz has lived in and travelled to Egypt, Yemen, India, Kenya, and Albania, to name a few countries. She currently resides in Amman, Jordan, with her family.

  • Home country: UK
  • Favourite country: Kenya
  • Favourite Cuisine: Italian
  • Wishlist: Japan, New Zealand, Iceland, Uzbekistan

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