Best Things to Do in Greenwich, London

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Greenwich is in southeast London just off the River Thames. It is one of the most popular parts of London and after visiting you’ll understand why. Here you’ll find a multitude of attractions, including the fantastic Greenwich Park, the Royal Observatory, the Cutty Sark, markets, pubs and various museums.

This borough in London is also easy to visit. You either take a short train ride from London Bridge station or head to Canary Wharf on the Jubilee Line and then switch onto the DLR to Cutty Sark station. You can also just take the DLR all the way if you wanted.

Planning a visit to this part of London? Here are the best things to do in Greenwich, London.

Visit the Cutty Sark

The Cutty Sark is a large clipper ship built-in 1869. It is an iconic landmark and a top attraction in Greenwich. If arriving via Cutty Sark DLR station it’ll be one of the first things you’ll see.

The ship is now a museum where you can discover the history of the ship, why it was built and learn of its voyages around the world delivering tea. As well as this you can venture up to the upper deck of the ship to get elevated views of London and Greenwich.

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Cutty Sark, London

Head to Greenwich market

Greenwich Market is definitely worth visiting, whether you want to browse and buy something nice, or just soak up the atmosphere. The market is located in the town centre and has various stalls selling all sorts, from wonderful clothing, crafts, trinkets, souvenirs as well as food and other items. The market is split into two types, an Arts and Crafts Market on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Weekends, and the Antiques and Collectables Market on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Surrounding the market you’ll also find other shops and cafes selling a range of items including health food, sweets and other items.

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Greenwich Market Sign

Relax in Greenwich Park

An absolute must when visiting this part of London is to visit Greenwich Park. The park is the city’s oldest Royal Park and also one of the biggest at 183 acres. When the weather is good it’s one of the best places in London to put down a blanket and relax in the sun. There are also great views from the top of the hills and if you head to the park towards sunset it can be especially pretty and photogenic too.

Other highlights of the park include the Greenwich Park Playground (for kids), the Boating Pond, Rose Garden, Planetarium, and Royal Observatory. If you visit in the spring you may even get to see the cherry blossoms too.

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Views from Greenwich Park at sunset

Discover the Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum will allow you to learn about London’s maritime past and discover stories from its ocean adventures. The museum has thousands of items on display spread through various exhibitions. These include items such as ship models, artwork, prints, models, galleries, a huge ship propeller and lots more. The museum is also free to visit.


Outside of Maritime Museum

Explore the Queen’s House

The Queen’s House is a museum at the bottom of the Greenwich Park next to the Maritime Museum. The museum is home to an art collection, the Great Hall, as well the beautiful staircase seen below. This staircase is also in our list of top Instagram spots in London. For those wanting to learn more about the Queen’s House and the artwork on display you can take a guided tour which is daily at 12 noon and lasts an hour. For this you have to book tickets, but visiting the Queen’s House without a tour is free.

Queens House Staircase, London
Queens House Staircase

Visit the Royal Observatory Greenwich

The Royal Observatory Greenwich is a museum located in Greenwich Park. A visit allows you to learn more about Greenwich Meantime (GMT) and see various exhibits. The museum is also great for those interested in space and astrology and you’ll get to enjoy a planetarium show, see old astronomy equipment as well as the Great Equatorial Telescope.

A few other highlights include standing on the Prime Median, seeing the Harrison timekeeper clocks, as well as discovering the Time and Longitude Gallery.

The Observatory will serve as a great visit for families, as well as those looking for a nice learning experience. Just outside is a pavilion where you can get views such as in the first photo.

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See the Painted Hall

The Painted Hall is located in the Old Royal Naval College. As soon as you walk in you’ll understand why we recommend visiting as the hall is stunning. The main highlight is the painting on the ceiling which was completed in 1726. This painting took 19 years to finish and is sometimes referred to as Britain’s Sistine Chapel.

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Painted Gallery, Greenwich

See the skyline from The Point

The Point is a park that you’ll find a little bit west of Greenwich Park. From The Point you’ll get to enjoy wonderful views over the rooftops towards downtown London as well as towards Canary Wharf. It makes for a wonderful sunset spot so we recommend visiting on a nice evening and getting your camera and tripod ready. Also around the park you’ll find some pretty streets which are nice to see en-route.

The London Skyline from The Point, Greenwich

Walk the Thames Path

The Thames Path is a route that follows the River Thames all the way from London Bridge to the Thames Barrier. The route is quite long and will take a good number of hours, so you could instead decide to do a smaller chunk of the walk instead, such as London Bridge to Cutty Sark, or Cutty Sark to the 02 Dome. Also note that the route between London Bridge towards Cutty Sark has a few sections closed along the river so you sometimes have to take a slight diversion. There are also several pubs along the way in both directions which could serve as a good rest spot.

Sign for Thames Path

Visit the 02 Dome

The 02 Dome (previously called the Millennium Dome) is a famous venue for concerts and other events. It opened at the turn of the century and as well as being a venue for events it has a selection of shops, restaurants and a cinema. Should you walk the Thames Path you could also end up at the 02 Dome and then take the Tube (subway train) from there. A particular highlight of the 02 Dome which is good for those after views of the city and an exhilarating experience is to climb the roof. Visiting the 02 Dome is one of the best things to do in North Greenwich and could be visited both during the day as well as in the evening.

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02 Dome

Enjoy a pint in the pubs

Finally, we suggest having a pint (or two) in one of Greenwich’s lovely pubs. There are several which we recommend including The Gipsy Moth, Trafalgar Tavern and Cutty Sark. These are all located along the river, so if you wanted you could combine with a walk of the Thames Path. You can also get food in these pubs too making them a great lunch or dinner option.


Greenwich is one of the best parts of London to visit and should be high on your list when you’re in the city. Home to a huge amount of attractions within a small space it’s easy to spend an entire day there.

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